High School Teachers Play Communist Oligarchy with Boy’s Life

This boy is kicked out of the National Honor Society for criticizing his school in a public, non-school-funded venue.

The story is full of behind-the-back-stabbing, and a secret commission of teachers that are discovered later to be responsible for the votes that did this to the poor young man.

What is most disturbing is the response of the teachers and the NHS.  At some point on the slippery cultural slope of immorality and degradation, these self-proclaimed-adult men and women went out of their minds, lost their intellect, and decided that it would be good to act like an authoritarian communist oligarchy rather than wise and benevolent mentors of children.

Like little babies, they whine in their socialist echo chambers to each other, “duh, he done gone made fun of our school, he did, so now he must pay.  Let’s kick him out and teach him a lesson by ruining his credentials.  Waaahhhhh!  No one goes against the system! We are power!  We are oligarchy!  We can’t take criticism, so we will squash those who criticize us instead of either heeding the critique or contesting it.”

In other news, it has been said that these educators have never read Animal Farm, Brave New World, or 1984 and have disallowed teaching of freedom and our founding fathers (<—this is not a joke, read the article).

To me, it sounds like you have a typically restless kid who is itching to buck unrighteous authority – clearly if there are kids with 4.0s who have skipped class 2-3 times per week, the teachers are failing because the teachers have no incentive to do better jobs and compete with each other for higher standing.  They take bright kids and stifle them because it is harder to challenge and raise the standards rather than play the numbers game that makes your school look good on paper.  This sounds like valid criticism, and the appropriate response of these terrible socialist teachers should have been to engage the Facebook group and call for action from the participants.  If the lazy and authoritarian teachers had applied their energy towards enjoining the debate and seeking to use the conflict to strengthen their school, their careers, and their students – then they might just start understanding what this freedom and democracy and free speech thing is all about.  And who knows, if the students began responding in uncivil ways to the engagement, then they might have had a valid reason to escalate the consequences gradually towards the punitive action they took in childish anger and hate against this bright young man.

Read the story

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