Obama’s Cap n’ Tax Enviro-Energy Policy Debate

Here are a series of videos regarding the debate on the passed Democrat Cap and Trade bill (house, not senate).  You simply must follow through and see all of the heated exchange between Gingrich and Democrat Waxman.  You will see the Republican commanding truth and fact, while the Democrat speaks entirely in subjective, nonfactual, and propaganda terms.  Democrat Waxman even tries to use legalities to prevent Gingrich from responding to his emotional tirade.  Democrat strategy: “use law to shut them up after we’ve spread our lies”.

What’s harder for Al Gore? Keeping the phony look on his face, his facade of civility, or figuring out how to steer away from the facts that Congresswoman Blackburn is trying to focus on (loving the propaganda-speak ‘everyone here understands what you’re doing’):


Gore refuses to debate Global Warming.  In the real world, we call this “surrender” and understand that you are not confident enough in your beliefs to successfully defend them.  The founder of the weather channel cannot even sue Al Gore with 30,000 scientists who contest Global Warming because of Gore’s political and monetary superiority:


Environmental journalists ostracize, harass, and eat their own in religious fervor for defense of their high priest Gore:


A Conflict of Visions – Democrat Waxman defends Obama’s philosophy of punishing Americans for change, and Gingrich defends Republican Abraham Lincoln philosophies via entrepreneurial strategy.

First Gingrich annihilates Gore, Obama, and Waxman with the truth and raw facts:

Waxman is now on his heels, with the failed Obama/Gore philosophies, resorts to no facts, propaganda techniques, and emotions in his epically failed rebuttal.  Gingrich follows up by cutting to the heart of the conflict of vision and beats the Democrat platform in one fell swoop:

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