Pagan Earth Circle Desecrated by Christian Cross

My ire with the pagan circle story was only one thing – I KNOW that the amount of taxpayer money spent on it was not proportional for pagan constituents with respect to the proportion of funds spent per constituent on other religions. 

I am a huge proponent of religious pluralism because that is what the constitution demands.  Where there is a gray area like requirements to provision religious facilities and Chaplains, which are funded by tax monies, there must be an equal amount spent per worshipper.  Any more or less is unjust and favoritism, thus unconstitutional. 

Now I have a problem with this cross being erected on the pagans’ sacred place of worship.  This is not a righteously Christian tactic for expressing beliefs, if it was a Christian that did it and not a person looking to stir controversy and false pagan martyrdom.  I hope the investigation resolves the conflict and uncovers the truth.

Based on statements from the conflicting viewpoint representatives, I think they are both taking things way out of proportion and need to focus on investigating and resolving.  The pagan rep is the most foolish though, comparing the cross to a swastika and hate speech. 

A pentagram desecrating sacred Christian objects is an act of hate by definition because of how the pentagram has been used by Christian opponents in the last few decades.  Same with the swastika.  Even if a Christian DID put the cross there, it is not analogous, since the cross represents sanctification, mercy, and ‘love your enemy’.  A failure to comprehend this difference is on the burden of the Pagans to educate themselves on comparative religion, and stop taking barbarian and roman conflicts from 300 AD into the present day (whereas the pentagram is still used as hate-Christians symbol).

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