Gallup: 36% of Americans say Hooray for Socialism

Gallup is very reputable.  This is incredibly important for people to understand, because not everyone can identify a socialist just by listening to their ideas.  Secondly, it is a tactic of the socialists in the Democrat party to downplay these facts and demagogue people like Glenn Beck and other educated Americans who actually understand socialism when they see it.

Here’s my interpretation of the numbers below:  there is no way that 17% of Republican-leaners and 20% of Conservatives who actually are educated and correctly perceive the Republican platform and Conservative ideology have a positive view of socialism.  To me, this is the demographic of people who are not quite following valid sources and are uneducated about political theory.  Using the associative property – then it would follow that you can whack around 20% off of the Democrat leaners, moderates, and liberals who “view socialism positively” and actually know what the hell they’re talking about.

These numbers actually jive with my personal experience with many people.  I would say that 4/10 liberals that I meet are committed socialists, and 2/10 of them don’t know what the hell it is but when you talk about it, they say something like “what’s so bad about socialism”?

A respective 20%/20% response from moderates also jives with my experience.  The only socialist sympathizing conservatives I’ve met in my own life are some loony Christians who can’t read the bible-in-toto but instead have interpreted this bizarre world view from reading bible-by-verse and making up their own version of Christianity that is not vetted by theological authority.  To be fair, I have met said loony Christians from all self-proclaimed denominations, including a few Catholics who clearly are not observing lessons from The Vatican.

Don’t let your ignorant friends tell you that the threat of socialism is not real, or that the things Glenn Beck finds out about socialist Barack Obama and his Czars is not true.  You can hear them proclaim the merits of socialism in their own words, and now that you know the facts about how widespread their socialist ideas are in America – “doesn’t seem so far-fetched, now, does it?”


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