Obama Says: “Watch some football instead of being engaged in civics!”

Harry Reid, the Democrat top-dog lackey of the Senate smooches Obama’s but and says, “Duh, boss, I already been doin’ dat, cuz yous said so!”

Obama tells people to stop watching cable news, and to stop reading blogs.  Presumably Obama would then wish that everyone just watched the things that he says he likes – sex shows on HBO and ESPN.  Of course, having a President recommend that government leaders disengage from political discourse and ironically “get out there and talk with people” means that essentially he’s asking them to remain in their echo chambers, since the people they would be talking to are people that support their views, because we remember how the Democrats responded to the healthcare town hall dissent – with abject arrogance, demagoguery, and dismissal.  So Obama and Pelosi can’t then be recommending that they “get out and talk” to people with differing views.

This is yet another clever socialist move by Obama.  His real intent is to get the moderate Democrats to stop listening to the overwhelming opposition of the American people, so that the votes Obama needs to force his agenda through come back into his pocket, regardless of political fallout to come.  One last huzzah to force his will on the American people against their own, since he couldn’t do it in 2009 without political bloodshed.  And trust me, if those moderate Democrats take his advice and disengage from the discourse of the civic-minded populace – there will be massive bloodshed for the Democrat party in November.

Close your eyes, cover your ears, silence your mouth – the mantra of every socialist.  Control.

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