Printing Money 101 – Democrat Congress Makes a Liar out of Obama

For those non-economically astute out there – inflation is no different than a tax.  The government decides to flood the market with money and everything you own today becomes instantly less valuable, and everything you buy becomes instantly more expensive – EVERYTHING.

So much for not hiking taxes on the middle class.  At least Republicans tried to hold the lines.  And as for this whole sob story about “social security” and “medicare”.  It’s called: REDUCE THE DAMN BENEFITS YOU’RE PAYING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Morons!  The elderly should not be taking out more than they put in!  How in the hell have the Democrat’s socialist health insurance (medicare) and socialist retirement plans (social security) failed so horribly?  The state cannot manage financing, that’s why.  You can’t give people more than they put in forever without making their children into the slave labor that works to pay for it.

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