Prostitution Online in New Zealand – “Pay for college”

Tragic that some still devalue their romance and sexuality to relegate it to a ‘means to a financial end’.  Feel sorry for the poor sucker who this prostitute ends up “committing” to.  From all other superficial criteria, I’m sure the sex worker will blend right back into the population.  Thing about the brain – some may romanticize “forgiveness”, “change”, and “redemption”, but once the human has an experience, they are forever impacted by it, and never the same.  What would it feel like for this prostitute to instead have always experienced sex with deep, meaningful, and loving spiritual connections?  She’ll never know now.

And yet still it is her choice to decrement the status of her being with such foolish decisions, as her freedom should allow it to be.  What can you do?  On the other side, not all married people will experience supreme sex either because they are messed up in the head in other ways by corrupted religions or lack thereof. 

In a tangential decrement of virtue, some people gorge on fast food and chemically processed foods as gluttons and wouldn’t savor fresh gourmet food if you gave it to them for free. 

In many ways we choose to limit the magnificence of our experience.  This is the squandering of freedom that is unfortunate but necessary to demonstrate contrast for those who exercise righteous ways.

Of course I realize the relativist would chide me and say “to each, his own”.  I call the relativist’s bluff.  I believe in freedom, so “to each, his own” is guaranteed, but the consequences remain the same for all choices.  While there is a place for preference and distinction, a fixation and gorging upon singular themes will always turn the human into a robotic experience. 

In the lustmonger’s case, it’s just flesh and bodies, however often the faces change.  In the fast-food glutton’s case, just the same unsatisfying empty calories until the next urge.  The first gains dead-eyes, disenchantment, and despair over time as their body degrades (and maybe a venereal disease or two).  The second enslaves their children through medicare tax impositions to keep them alive longer, with heart disease and diabetes.

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