Quest: Reconcile World Religions

We had this idea a long time ago to put out demands for problem solving that we don’t have the time to pursue.  Well I have the first one that we talked about today, so to Lincoln I say, West Coast advantage – you are now sleeping, and I get the glory:


Shouldn’t sleep in next time buddy!

Here is the quest:

Using your knowledge, experience, and wisdom regarding your own personal religion, attempt to reconcile key differences with other major religions.  If you are a Christian, seek analogues and conflicts between Christianity and Islam, Taoism, etc.

Particularly hone in on the apparent conflicts, and then attempt to reconcile them.  Seek the body of knowledge known as comparative religion, but beware, the literature is littered with bias and brainwashing from some very dedicated PhDs, religion-haters, and religious zealots.  It may be much more effective to start from a clean slate, a new compendium put together by dedicated thinkers who do not earn their living peddling religion (or anti-religion).

This is an interesting one (Example):

Christians cannot believe in reincarnation and claim a correct command of their faith and theology.  But what if we can imagine that God didn’t necessarily wipe your soul clean and “reset” it in some other state, but instead, your spirit carried the same burdens, achievements, and power that it had accumulated in a previous “plane of existence” albeit your biological memory wiped so that your spirit could accumulate the tests and challenges in a new “plane of existence”?  What if this is the real origin of “Deja Vu”.

Is this attempted reconciliation theologically sound with Christian dogma, if not, why? 


Do this for each one.  Your end product is not only a list of fascinating reconciliations between world religions, but also what remains are the points that cannot be reconciled and we can truly see which religions are most compatible theologically.  Using such information would have powerful anthropological applications.

Atheists and Agnostics Welcome

Atheists and Agnostics who haven’t already tuned out – really – why haven’t you tuned out yet?  Atheist, stop talking about “lady luck”, blowing on dice, obsessing over alien fictions, crossing your fingers, reading your horoscopes, etc.  You’re not supposed to believe in any supernatural phenomena at all – this includes aliens and ghosts that have never been scientifically proven.  So the religion of Atheism is a void practice of contrarianism; always on the attack and trying to prove the faithful “wrong”.  No traditions, no fun.

Agnostics, well, at least Atheists have one thing going for them – they’ve spent a lot of time rationalizing their place in the world and thinking philosophically.  Agnostics on the other hand are the least likely to reach this point, because generally, they have not given introspection about their place in the universe enough time and thought to make it a part of their personality and wisdom.  The mantra of the Agnostic is “how does religion affect me?”, “Why bother?”, “I just don’t know”.  So they are humanists that revel in physical stimulation and distractions.  But a question – if your daily actions are not grounded in something deeper and more meaningful than your own selfish whims and stimulation (even extraverted acts which elevate the agnostic’s position amongst peers) – how rewarding are they really in the long term?  What distinguishes you from an animal besides higher intellect and most of what comes with it?

These semi-jokes are not to crap on Agnostics and Atheists, but rather stimulate them to join in and realize that their religions are in dire need of distinction.  I believe that those two have the least in common with the great religions, but the most in common with each other.  I also believe that those two will have some interesting linkage to Pantheism and Paganism.

Go forth and quest now.

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