Environmentalists Lament Species Extinction and Crap on Darwin

The environmentalist religion is already in the throes of  hypocrisy.  They are forced to view the human being as just another “evolved creature” from frogs and primordial “soup”.  They are forced to worship Natural Selection and Darwin’s theory.  But then they try to play Gaia and protect “endangered species”.  This is a great hypocrisy.  If they believe the theory of Natural Selection, then they view the extinction of bugs and animals as just a natural progression of their theories.  Seems that humans are the fittest for survival.  Seems like the Environmentalists must leave it alone to not be hypocrites. 

Seems like they watched one too many Disney movies and have engrained personification of animals and insects and fish into their consciousness.  Worldview by cartoons.  I love it.  Hey, in a wiser day, we engrained our religions in the consciousness of children with similar methods through stories and dolls and toys.  Nothing much has changed. 

As for this, I challenge an acolyte of the environmentalist religion to simultaneously defend Natural Selection and human population control.  Presumably, if the human population reaches critical mass, then a disease or biological support critical mass will manifest, humans will be winnowed by Gaia, and new species that are fit for the current conditions will prevail.  To maintain intellectual integrity, you cannot use emotions mixed with your theories.

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Dumbass from the Center for Biological Diversity poses with fictitious bears.  His more committed members recommended that he pose with real polar bears so as to be more scientific and accurate.  He says “No, real polar bears would rip my throat open.  I just like using this cartoon-imagery to brainwash kids and my followers.  I like living so long as I can use my life to crap my beliefs all over my fellow humans and then try to control them through the force of government.  Separation of Church and State only applies to Christians.”  And environmentalists applauded and laughed loudly:

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