Predictions of Iran’s 2/11/2010 “Punching the West”

Iran has promised to deliver a “Punch” that will “stun the West” on the 31st Anniversary of the reestablishment of their medieval Islamic theocracy in 1979 under Jimmy Carter.

As such I will put my political capital on the table so that the rest of these newb authors on this blog can either worship me or make fun of me Animal-House-style on 2/11.  Either one will be fun.  Assuming we’re all still alive.  Just kidding! smile_angel

Here are my 2/11/2010 predictions for Iran, the headpiece of the Axis of Evil:

  1. Likely (in no particular order)
    1. They will announce that they have made deals to trade their oil in Euros instead of US Dollars.  This will be significant economic warfare against the US and devastating
    2. The satellite they recently launched into space was really something else besides a container for worms
    3. A new defense or economy-related treaty with Russia, China, and Iran.  Cold war #2 begins.
    4. They detonate a small nuke or dirty bomb to show that they can put it into the hands of operatives if they choose
    5. It’s just more saber rattling, like the previous announcements.  But don’t be fooled, those announcements are all part of the "boy who cried wolf” strategy, so that when the real attack comes, your guard is down.  They are not stupid.  The people who don’t understand their strategy and tactics are uninformed.  Especially bad students of history.  You should have recognized Iran’s “Big Lie” propaganda technique over a decade ago.  And the last time we heard “Big Lie” propaganda of this level, we had swastikas, genocide, and concentration camps.  “Axis of Evil” was a dead-on statement by Bush.
  2. Unlikely but possible
    1. They already have the nuke, and now a credible delivery system in the sat rockets.  MAD Policy #2 – a sure Obama epic fail – as has been thoroughly botched by Hilary Clinton in campaign questions about “what if a nuke went off in a US City?”  She fails.  Doesn’t even understand MAD and the Cold War.  Well, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, I guess Clinton’s was radical Saul Alinsky cultural control and puppeteer-ing (it WAS her term paper after all).  That is of course, much more important that protecting the US Citizen and world from the Nuclear Apocalypse.

Eat that Locke.

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