Global Warming Satire Song – Very Funny

While transient observations neither support nor refute long-running trends in any analysis, I still think this satire is worthy for two reasons:

It is the kind of stuff that pisses off global warming acolytes and gives them more material to demagogue their opposition as “ignorant boobs” and get their game of false-superiority on.

It is also the kind of stuff that makes global warming skeptics laugh and be merry.

It’s a win-win situation!!!  Everyone gets something!  Enjoy!



Up here on the farm
We chop wood
To stay Warm.
We all could use some
Glo-bal Warm-ing!

We all need to fight
To preserve our rights.
I don’t want to be taxed
Just for breathing.

Open your eyes.
Don’t believe their lies.
It’s just a
Fro-zen Wasteland!

Al Gore is a liar.
His pants are on fire.
Plus he’s getting rich
From carbon offsets.

He’s loose with the facts.
All he wants is a tax.
Let’s get together
Before it gets much colder.

Frozen Wasteland.
Its just a Frozen Wasteland.
Frozen Wasteland.
Frozen Wasteland.


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