Iran’s “Punch” to the West has been Delivered: Aristotle does it again

Well, Aristotle, the day’s not yet over, so let me be the first to call you supreme commander-and-jerk.  Turns out that your prediction was correct when pieced together.  Nice political maneuvering smartass.  Let me quote your prediction in your post from 2/10/10 12:40:

#1.1 – Incorrect!  You lose!

#1.2 – Incorrect!  You paranoid conservative maniac!

#1.3 – Partially correct.  Shut-up.  Iran’s finagling to get China in their pocket to block Obama’s sanctions (yawn, way to go Obama, “Change” means more of the same) has the effect of a backroom defense AND economy related treaty.  This was obvious though, thanks for stating the obvious.

#1.4 – Partially correct.  They didn’t detonate it, but with 20% enrichment, they’re very close to your #2.1 prediction, which you said was “unlikely”.

#1.5 – 100% correct, but this again, to anyone paying attention for the last decade is obvious.  So now we can call you captain obvious.

I love how you covered the possibilities so well that it would be hard for you to be 100% wrong.  I give your prophecy power a 75% rating for this one.  Now how am I supposed to mock you with that.  Next time you predict stuff, why don’t you just give us your gut feeling so it’s easier to praise or ridicule you.

Read the story (Detailed Analysis)

Read the story (Associated Press version for lightweights)

Read the story (Iranian Gestapo Police Force)

Read the story (Iranian thought-control Fascism, heavyweight version of Democrat & Google Net Neutrality and "Fairness Doctrine")

Read the story (China backroom deals with Iran – "please keep buying our weapons and giving us oil and sponsoring worldwide terrorism so that you weaken each other and are ripe for the communist picking when we’re ready")

(Side note – I really hope that some western intel agency is already plotting to turn Chinese and Russian Muslims against those bastards so that their plot backfires.  A hard task and one that would take a generation.  Better be on it now.)

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