Is this an Osama Bin Laden Capture Attempt?

While careless bar-hoppers and party-goers traipsed about the city last night, I emerged from a local joint for a quick bite to eat after a 13-hour day.  So much work to catch up on after the blizzard closings.  I was fixated on the TV, live footage of our noble and brave troops risking their lives in an epic offensive.

And as the footage of these young men in the fight of their lives came through, I was like a statue, mesmerized, right in the center of all this bustle – the only one who seemed to care, reading the subtitles.  They would turn on their liberal news channels later (which is essentially every single one except for Fox News Channel).  But what they would see as a top story from the post-hippie rejects that hate the military is this: Read the story.  Looped playback of a sports competitor that lost his life in training.  An entertainer dies, although tragic, dedicated to entertainment competition and self-gratuitous sporting events. 

Yes it’s tragic, but guess what?  Three troops just died yesterday doing something a little less self-serving with their lives, and surely there are many more deaths to come because of the offensive.  Even the Fox News website had the luger death as their top web story for a short period last night.  Just shows the horrible priorities and mindset of the typical citizen in the “United States of Entertainment” (as Bernie Goldberg puts it).

Meanwhile, I’ll say this: high chance that they’ve got a beat on Bin Laden.  Politicians don’t put this many boots on the ground and risk lives of troops unless there are huge political gains to be had.  Iraq was different.  Major offensives secured infrastructure.  The official reason for this Helmand offensive is bull crap.  The opium fields and drug production have been a big problem in Helmand since even before 911.  Why attack the thugs now?  You can’t “secure” agriculture in such a large space.  There’s no infrastructure in Afghan to “secure” minus a few larger cities and this isn’t one of them.  These boots on the ground are after something else strategic, and something big.

Will they catch it?  At this point, only one thing is certain: if they don’t succeed in the real strategic objective, we’ll never know what it was.  Nor should we.  This is war.  Information is power for the enemy and lives are at stake.

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