Aristotle is a Political and Martial Prophet

Oh Aristotle, it’s time like these that you’re my hero.  It wasn’t Sheik Bin Laden, but rather, Taliban #2 and close associate Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.  Who knows, if the blasted media could keep their money-talons out of unscrupulous security personnel, then maybe the operation could have been a little more low key until forces were amassed.  Who knows if Sheik Bin Laden was physically present at some point with Baradar leading up to the offensive.  You might just have been right about an attempted Bin Laden capture Aristotle.

Kudos my friend.  This is why people listen to you about National Security.  Keen, very keen.  God bless the boys who sacrificed their lives for this great victory in Bush’s GWOT.  And thank God Obama has simply continued all of Bush’s war policies, after the joint chiefs no doubt educated his ignorant liberal ass. 

Victory is closing in for the first time in the history of mankind, a country will have won an asymmetrical war against nationwide insurgency.  What other power but the USA could achieve this historic feat of justice and freedom, even in the midst of enemies within their own borders in the Democrat party that tried to make their own country lose at every turn?  Great success.

Pig Baradar, allow me to introduce you to the CIA.  You’ll give up Bin Laden’s location right now, because all that facade Obama puts up about interrogation policy changes is political bullshit for his idiot followers’ placation. 

But, you’ll find out soon, that even evil men can be cracked – just like you cracked open the skulls of women who were caught educating their daughters.  What I would give for the US government to allow me the honor of breaking you.

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