O’Reilly & Beck on Tiger Woods

*Updated at the request of Aristotle.  He convinced me that my emotions clouded my judgment on the first post*

Tiger Woods bit starts at about 3:20.  I really can’t stand this crap.  You need to do something with your actions to make up for your sin.  It’s not just words and thoughts that heal.  Frankly, I think that’s an unbiblical thought that’s attractive to a culture of narcissists.  I think that if rectifying actions do not follow the words and thoughts, then your words and thoughts of “sorry” were just lies or delusions.

I really don’t want to see Tiger get more attention.  There are plenty of other entertainers who never screwed up so terribly that deserve a shot at the limelight.  Even if Tiger reconciles after 5 years, I hope he goes away and counts his blessings of fame, fortune, privilege, and luck as a guy who lives like a king from entertaining people.

If everyone thought like I did, and reflected that sentiment, our celebrities would be required to be real role models, winners, and profound people, and not disgusting, immoral, ignorant pigs (as most of them are today).  It just starts by never buying the celebrity magazines, and never clicking on pop culture links online.

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