Operation Moshtarak: The Real Story

Thank you for the accolades, but I am no prophet – just well-informed, experienced, rational, and objective.  In this spirit, let me spread my techniques so that everyone can learn.  Our goal is to help others make better use of their heads, so let’s go.

This is an interim update regarding Operation Moshtarak (“Together”).  I correctly predicted that this could be a Sheikh Bin Laden capture attempt or some other high-value strategic maneuver.  I predicted that the official NATO public mission objective was a lie.  This was easy enough, let me show you how.

Here is the official reasoning for the offensive:

“NATO said it hoped to secure Marjah, the largest town under Taliban control and a key opium smuggling hub, within days, set up a local government, and rush in development aid in a first test of the new U.S. strategy for turning the tide of the eight-year war.”

First of all, they’ve been trying to kill the opium hub in this region since even before 911.  There were numerous US State Department “development efforts” that have tried this for years.  Pipe dream.  You can’t remove the poppy fields, you can’t be everywhere at the same time, you can’t change the poppy market without long-term cultural and macroeconomic initiatives.  That simple.  3 months, 6 months, and 1 year from now – trust me – Helmand province of Afghanistan will be a hub for the opium trade.

Secondly you can’t “set up a local government” within days.  These two parameters of the mission, which NATO claims is the reason for this offensive were bull crap from the start.  They might sound reasonable to the uninformed, but to people who actually know defense and history – it sounds more like this: “NATO is going to invent money trees, spew riches upon the Afghan people, and change the morals of the entire Afghan culture in just a few days with those soldiers, who we will arm with lollipops instead of guns.”

Combine this with a knowledge of the enemy.  From a Newsweek interview with Baradar published on July 25, 2009:

The United States and Afghan president Hamid Karzai say you and your commanders are largely operating from Quetta in Pakistan. Is that true?
This is baseless propaganda. The Shura’s area of operations is inside Afghanistan.

Sometimes you have to know when to believe the enemy.  In this case, Baradar was half-lying.  The Taliban operations certainly are in Afghanistan.  But Taliban command and control is certainly in Pakistan.  Marjah is a well-known forward operating base (FOB).

So it really isn’t hard to see that when the US drums up the largest offensive since the start of the war, with 15,000 boots on the ground, those boots are going after people.  Very important people.  It isn’t hard to see that the honey pot has let the enemy amass so that they can be found and destroyed with a military operation.  When such a centralization of power occurs, always, a great probability that big leaders will be present in that hub sometimes if not all the time.

This is war.  Unfortunately in a time where spoiled rotten Western brats live in a fantasy world of ignorance and comfort – you have to make war look like a noble lollipop humanitarian effort.  “We’re going to help them do something better than the drug trade.”  “We’re going to set up a benevolent local government so that they can have the order and entitlements that all you brats take for granted.”  Or some other fantasy-world subconscious tingle along those lines.

The truth is that we will do what is necessary to leave behind a secure area – as much as possible – so it doesn’t bite our ass in the mid and long term.  Sometimes that’s not possible.  But make no mistake, this is war.

What did the operation get from its real intention?  Baradar.  This is similar to if our enemy had captured our Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Pretty damn huge.  Especially since Baradar knows where Bin Laden is.

Another interesting development that you will not read or hear about in the media – the NATO lies about where Baradar was captured.  Another time when it is more likely that the enemy is telling the truth.  There are two stories:

  1. US/NATO story: Baradar was captured by the ISI and CIA in Karachi, Pakistan in February 2010
  2. Taliban Commander: Baradar had instead been captured in Helmand during Operation Moshtarak

We all know that the boots on the ground were to get Baradar and his cabal by now.  When the forces closed in, what does he do?  Stand and fight, or flee and get nailed by a drone’s hellfire missile?  He chose to stand and live to fight another day.  So long as he is alive, although captured, it helps inspire his troops morale in the short term.

So why must NATO lie about where and how he was captured?  Simple.  Obama’s big lies of righteousness.  “The USA doesn’t torture.”  “Torture doesn’t work.” (except coerced interrogations did work at Gitmo when they prevented 34 major attacks on US soil during the Bush administration, and when 5 former CIA Directors came out and testified that these techniques work very well to keep us safe, but let’s not allow the facts to interrupt the religion of the Democrat party)

So lets think for a second how Obama would look if we knew the truth conveyed by common sense about Operation Moshtarak and the very words of the enemy leadership.  Baradar was captured in the offensive.  And that means that Obama handed him over the the ISI and CIA for torture and interrogation.

Whether or not it is helpful to promote Obama’s lies – I can’t say.  It does help to garner support for the effort for a few westerners.  The big anti-war hippies will never support it.  China, Iran, Russia, N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Radical Islam know the truth and continue to hate and undermine the USA anyway, so the idea that lying about our intel techniques will help with enemy relations is nonsense.

On the other hand, lying about security simply perpetuates ignorance of the public and keeps them placated and controlled in their ignorance.  The long term effect of this is to create a populace that can’t make reasonable judgments regarding defense, history, and security.  The exact thing we saw come from the bowels and hordes of Democrats during the debate about Gitmo and coerced interrogation or “torture” as they prefer to call it.  That is not healthy.

As for our military and security – congratulations America.  One big win after the next – Bush’s surge strategy in Iraq worked, and now Obama listened to Bush finally and used the surge strategy in Afghanistan.  We are closing in on this.  Hope that the odds stay in our favor and the momentum builds.

Newsweek feature on Baradar (different from interview)

The intel coup: marines seize Marjah HQ!!!  Bring home info-goodies.

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