Evangelists, Liberal Government, Big Business – Corrupted Power – Look to the Buildings

Throughout history, you can always tell where the most arrogance and corrupt power resides by looking at architecture.

In Egypt, it was the pyramids – the worst in history.  Slave labor that is even unfathomable to all but the Communist Russians, Nazis, and Japanese who sent slaves to their deaths by the thousands to do superhuman building projects.  Men and women getting crushed and falling to their deaths by the hundreds over decades!

In medieval times, it was the Monarch’s kingdoms and Churches.  In colonial times it was Mayan and Aztec human butcher-priests, with their human sacrifice, deforestation, and ziggurats.  It was the entire southern USA economy – 1/4 of our country – the cotton field slave masters cracking their whips of injustice.  It was the Muslim ottomans and Indians as well.  Violent slavery was everywhere, with every race a victim – whether black Americans in the south, Christian whites in eastern Europe, orthodox Russians in the communist revolution, or Cambodian rice workers at the murderous hands of the Khmer Rouge.  All of these slaves forced to make spectacular industries, plantations, and buildings, with no personal compensation for them or their families. 

In postmodern times, the grandiose buildings and disgusting arrogance reared its head first with the monopolistic tycoons of US oil and manufacturing and next…?  Celebrities – Hollywood, mafia, unions, big crime, evangelist preachers, and Arabic princes as the oil depleted in the US.

And now?  The big-government liberals, Obama, unions, “non-profit” organizations, and progressives. 

Their cathedrals will attempt to rival any historic corpulence – except it will be built on the ever-so-civilized seizure of taxpayer monies.  At $1B for this single building, and with a normal private citizen making an average salary of $40,000 (minus $8,000 for tax burden) – this is the equivalent of the government forcing into labor 31,250 slave years of consumption of public funds.  That would be forcing 31,250 people into slavery for one year to make this building, or about 3,125 people for 10 years of their entire lives, throughout the construction process.   Devil > “Thanks for making our crystal building, tax slaves!  Now that you are done, and are successful, you may go home.  No you don’t get anything at all, but the shirt on your back.  You’re lucky we didn’t put you in prison.  Be gone.”

Let me ask you something.  What are all the rational differences between a government traditionally enslaving people or a government taking the entire money you made from January through March, or January through July?  There are some significant differences – the most blatant are the ones that involve physical force and threat.  Very hard to keep a human born and given free will from God down and controlled every second of every day.  Requires violence.

But what if, in modern governments, they figured out a way to partially-enslave you, and play tricks with your perception to keep you placated and even voting them into power continuously?  They will let you choose what to do with yourself, how to make that money.  As authoritarian slave masters have learned by now – this is in their best interest – to let the slaves choose what they want to do with themselves, and give them little carrots along the way. 

“Sure I’ll make you labor for me for 3 months of the year.  Oh wait, you do something that is harder to do, and your salary comes closer to infringing on my wealth and power?  Ahhh, I’m going to charge you more money then.  You, Mr. doctor, engineer, lawyer, I will force you to LABOR for ME from January through July!  Can’t have you approaching my power now!”

Just because you go into work everyday and the government seizes your funds without your consent, and spends it on things like this – do you wonder for all the days you are forced to work for the government via taxation – how is this justice?  How is this arrogance the thing that our forefathers fought and died to prevent?  It is the exact thing they fought and died to prevent.  This authoritarian socialist slave-driving arrogance must end.

We must make the government tax itself – a tax on its own spending – so that there are real controls amongst agencies for efficient operation.  A transfer of wealth between agencies from the least efficient to the most efficient.  We must abolish the income tax.  We must get a flat tax on consumption and “sin” taxes for luxuries.  This is the only way that this slave-driving arrogance of the elites will end.  Punish their corpulence, not our productivity.  Get the money from entertainers and criminals who pay no income tax.  Get it from them every time they buy something.  Get it from the illegal immigrants every time they buy something.  Bring justice back and give this modernized socialist slavery a kick in the ass.

We need governance, and we need to pay government workers, but they should not be paid more than private workers, and they should not be allowed to do things that are not necessary for the preservation of law, order, and security.  I drew the line a long time ago.  $1,000,000,000 crystal buildings is beyond arrogance.

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