Good News for Christian Haters – PCUSA Under Fire

Massive dissent amongst Presbyterian leadership regarding VERY specific politics that no Christian Clergy should ever have the gall to use their pulpit for.

Churches that are guided by refined theological premises understand this: specific political mingling of church teaching is a dangerous gray area.  It cannot always be avoided, and there is some intersection, but we must always tread lightly.

Take a lesson from the Catholic Church.  Want one of the most painful and faithful acts in recent history regarding this gray area? 

Take a look at hateful and evil Democrats who pretend that they care about civil rights, the downtrodden, and charity – Democrats that include Obama. 

The Catholic Church is operating thousands of orphanages and hospitals that actually help people for next to no money.  They operate at break-even financing or even operate at massive losses at times, subsisting only on the generosity of the Christian faithful through donations.  Christian charity at its best. 

These are people who actually live and act out the benevolence that agnostic and atheist Democrats pretend to have; but these non-Christian phonies know nothing more than running their mouths.  Democrat “charity” goes something like this: vote “charity” into law so that no one has a choice but to fund the things that your buddies like.  Their idea of “charity” is the kind that is not given of your own free will and volition.  They rob humankind of that free will, and thus kill charity altogether, replacing it with a cold and unfeeling piece of paper, shuffled around their endless bureaucracy, in a Communist-light style.

Show me all of the great Atheist orphanages and great Atheist charitable hospitals.  Show me all of the great Atheist volunteer work and food drives. *crickets*

Since Obama has taken office and the Democrats have seized the legislature on January 4, 2007, they have launched massive evil attacks on the Catholic Church.  With utter disregard for the propaganda the Democrat party puts forth about compassion – they have enacted legislation that forces Catholic hospitals to perform abortions, and forces Catholic orphanages to give children to homosexual “married” people. 

Both demands from the evil Democrat Caesar violate our First Amendment rights – even while they make exceptions for Muslims in similar cases.  Yet they choose to force Christians to betray their God or else allow charity to suffer.

These particular Democrats (which is currently the majority, seeing as this legislation persists) do not care about people.  They care about power.  They will send the sick to a death sentence, they will send a child to oblivion just to force the Catholic Church’s benevolence out of their lands. 

This is pure evil under the ruse of civil rights.  A statesperson who cared about people, and truly believed the propaganda of the Democrat party, would seek to establish systems where both charities could thrive in unison – with exceptions that protect first amendment rights.  They would establish their own sibling organizations to provide analogous services and support – respecting their Christian countrymen, and putting their lazy hands into actual action to enact the things that are important to them. 

But again, these Democrats are not interested in charity or helping people.  They are interested in expelling Christian charity and hoping to seize the power gap that they themselves create – forcing the control into the state and commune, their god.

If gray has ever been gray in a matter of Church policy and political mixing…I can’t think of a better recent case.  Of course the Catholic Church must “render unto Caesar”.  So the Democrats will send people to the death, shut down the charitable hospitals, and abandon children, all for their corrupt worldviews, all for their hatred and persecution of Christians – with their own brand of fervent and fanatical worldviews that cloud the rationality of their own minds.

I beseech the Presbyterian leadership:  brothers and sisters, please render unto Caesar in this case that you have pondered.  Your actions to date only help the enemies of Christ.  As Christians, let us stand together and disallow a clergyperson of any Church to look more like a politician than a person of God.  That corruption belongs to Obama’s false “christian” church of “liberation theology” under the false teacher, Reverend Wright.  You do not want to go down that path.  Remember what Jesus has said about false teachers.  Remember, “render unto Caesar”.

Jesus was not a soldier.  International relations and warfare are a matter for the state.  Even when following the Just War Doctrine, extreme caution is to be applied.  Please, PCUSA, rescind your prideful declarations – they are based in the cardinal sin from which all others are derived.  Make yourselves clergy and shepherds of the faithful, not politicians.  Make yourselves humble servants with great faith, who trust these larger movements of Caesar to the hand of God, not to the hands at your side.

Full disclosure – I am not Presbyterian, but I share your Christianity.  If you are Presbyterian and you find credence in this message, take it to your leaders, in whatever refined version you believe to be true.  God be with you.  If I am incorrect, let my words be disproven so that the truth may prevail.

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