Healthcare Summit: New Democrat Civil Rights Violations in the Works

Parts of Obama’s healthcare summit made me scream at my TV today, literally  Angry

Democrats were talking about justice and “fixing” discrimination in insurance in the same breath that they propose that “women can’t be charged more for health insurance than men” and that the “elderly can’t be charged more than 200% because of their age” (even though they consume 600% of the total burdened costs when compared to 20-somethings). 

Excuse me, but what the Democrats propose IS discrimination.  Anyone who is actually educated on economics and insurance understand the civil rights violations in the Democrat plans.

I’ve been paying more for car insurance my entire life, since the age of 17 because I am a man, as I should be. That’s the concept of insurance. You get a premium based on your personal risk profile. It’s impersonal. It’s generalized.

That’s as fair as it comes in a generalized risk pool. I’m going to have a wife someday. Our family will be charged what it costs me, the man, and her, the woman. I’m going to be old someday. I should be charged proportionally for my burden while I’m young, and fairly charged a lot more when I’m old.  You know something?  When I’m older and less healthy, I’ll have more money than when I had nothing to my name as a young adult too.  Why shouldn’t I pay my fair share of the cost-imposition that I am creating in the insurance pool?

If men get into more car accidents, I should pay more for car insurance as a man. If a woman uses more healthcare products as women, they should pay more for health insurance as women.

Every single parameter from race, to gender, to career, to education, to age, to geography must be allowed to be considered for calculation of premiums. The freaking mathematicians that do the work on the stats to calculate the risk don’t give a hoot what the hell you look like.  They’re trying to optimize the premium payments.  The only bigotry and bias is coming straight from the superficial ruse, and half-baked-intellectual lies of the Democrat party.

Sounds real good in 30 second sound bites, Democrats.  Sounds real good as the fabricated premise of a Comedy Central joke.  But I will eviscerate you all in a real debate where your lies, ignorance, and naivety can be revealed with all of the facts on the table. 

The technical personnel in insurance are the ones trying to make things as fair as possible. They’re the ones with the actual information. They’re the ones with the actual skill.

When you start making specially protected snowflakes from the burden that they impose on the insurance pool, someone else is forced to pick up an unfair proportion of that burden. You achieve exactly what the foolish Democrats pretend like they are trying to fix – you create real, legalized, oppressive discrimination – a product of the philosophy of the Democrat party.

In one of my friend’s case, living in an inner city ghetto, he pays through the roof for car insurance because of the “neighborhood” he’s in, since (thanks to Democrats) car insurance can legally use geography in premium algorithms, but not race.  He calls up and asks what would happen if he was a few blocks over.  Much lower price for insurance. 

If they could use race, he wouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of his neighbors through his labor, because he’d get a lower premium. Overall, the companies still find a way to charge a fair price for race – by using neighborhood-by-neighborhood geography (a proxy parameter), so Democrats’ candyland, half-thought-out, theoretical bullcrap fails in real life anyway, as usual.

The free market will always adjust to try and make things more fair – that’s how they do better than their competition and outdo each other. The discriminatory laws of the Democrats that bring unfairness into the system need to be called out as one of the biggest frauds and lies of our generation.

Insurance should have all restraints on premium calculation lifted so that fair prices can be charged for any statistically relevant parameter that exists for personal profiles.  If it prices certain people out of the market, a high-risk pool option with lower benefits should be created. 

In my America, you get what you deserve, and you have the freedom and personal responsibility to shoulder your own burden.  Until doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and all other healthcare workers start working for free, and viagra-pill plants start growing out of the ground like free fruits of nature, you will always be wrong to call healthcare a God-given right and entitlement.  You were born with challenges and life isn’t fair for everyone.

What makes your acne a worse cosmetic problem than a woman with dark facial hair?  Why doesn’t the unfortunate hair-faced lady get an insurance subsidy for hair removal, but acne patients do?  What makes your depression pill more important than uncommon spinal problems that require specialists to diagnose for thousands of dollars with no insurance subsidy?

There is injustice everywhere today, and the Democrat plan exacerbates these injustices while creating new ones in the process.  Rather than thinking like theory-minded law professors, they need to start thinking about technical details of reality and economics.  There is a chance to do good.  The Democrats have lost this chance because they can’t get past their biases and emotional foci. 

Here Democrats, think about this for a while until your half-baked-intellectual heads explode:

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