Healthcare Summit Debate: Kucinich vs. Bachmann

What an amazing and wonderful woman Bachmann is.  What a wretched and nasty gremlin Kucinich is.

I had to laugh out loud Party when Kucinich tried to co-opt the entire topic with foolish Democrat talking points about the merits of socialist healthcare systems.

Democrat mathematics: “1/3 of money in healthcare is spent on ‘the for profit system’, the activities of corporate profits, stock options, executive salaries, advertising, marketing, the cost of paper work”

“1 out of 6 dollars in the entire economy goes to healthcare” (Translation – the government already controls half of all healthcare, but let’s not focus on the failures of that part of the healthcare system)

Kucinich says “I want the government to take over all of healthcare”.

Okay Kucinich, let me expose your lies one by one.  Remember the multi-million dollar advertisement that Obama used MY money for to advertise for the Census during the super bowl?  How about the multi-million dollar ads that Obama has taken out to try and talk about morals and parenting? 

Don’t tell me for a second that the government doesn’t waste ridiculous amounts of money on lobbyists, advertising, and other bullshit.  Marketing.  The government is the biggest marketing and propaganda outfit in the world.  Or did you forget about the campaign you ran to get that cushy position in the legislature? 

Total government marketing, campaigning, and advertising outdoes large corporations like Exxon and Microsoft.  You must be out of your mind.  In your current Medicaid system, you spend a sizeable portion of money on social workers that run around trying to get people on the rolls of the entitlements that they are too ignorant and lazy to figure out for themselves.  Voting?  Acorn?  Same thing!  That’s OUR money.  That’s YOUR idealism and pet project.  Besides advertisements and marketing, you blow money on actual workers, unions, and consultants that force feed your services down the throats of people who don’t seek them on their own!!!! 

That’s how the government advertising, campaigning, marketing, and force fed service costs work.  That’s what no competition and insufficient demand does.  That’s the price of playing the role of progressive authoritarian, and “creating” utopia.  A Sisyphean effort – the story of the Democrat party.

Didn’t mention pensions and union crap for the SEIU jacking up costs of healthcare in that “for profit” system, now did you?  Didn’t mention all the nurses, workers, janitors, construction workers, engineers, and the rest in the “for profit” system did you?  Just “executive pay”.  Woooooo the big fat successful guys, like yourself.  Stoke envy, stoke envy Devil 

You think that the government has more efficient workers?  Postal Service (USPS), and DMV.  Need I say more?  The only way that your government services survive are either by propping up the losses with tax increases or by brute monopoly.  No competition?  No efficiency. 

And you think that your government workers can make a more efficient financing proxy for healthcare in total socialist medicine?  Massachusetts socialist medicine is bankrupt in only 3 years.  Canadian system, bankrupt.  British system, bankrupt.  How many examples of failure would you like?

And don’t even start with “cost of paperwork”.  Government bureaucracies are the ultimate spenders on paper work.  We have entire technologies that cost billions that are exclusively driven by government demand – MS InfoPath, Documentum, digital records management, SharePoint, and on and on.

Want to reconsider your socialist propaganda lies again Mr. Kucinich, or shall I beat thee down a second time?

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