Powerful Democrat Rangel Defies Bipartisan Resignation Calls

The arrogance of these Democrats knows no bounds.  Let me explain something to Charlie boy: when you suck up money like a fat king, that money comes from somewhere.  I know this might be hard for a big-government liberal that bathes in ill-gotten tax dollars that they didn’t earn all day long.  I know it’s tough to understand the concept that people have to labor for that proxy greenback of trade, when you’re lapping it up in the Caribbean paradise that you didn’t earn or pay for yourself.

So unless Charlie boy can produce evidence that his staffers provided him with incorrect information, after Charlie boy explicitly asked whose dollar the paradise was on, then Charlie boy has got to go.

His Democrats want him to go.  His Republican critics want him to go.

I want him to be forced to live in the mountains of Appalachia in a town of no more than 40, and a house that’s like a shack for just one year.  No suits.  No tie clips.  No favors.  Just a local, honest job, and no luxuries.  And he has to drive an old beat up truck.

Nothing could be more fitting than making a privileged spoiled brat see what it’s like to earn an honest living; no connections, no favors, no patrons, no tax monies.

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