Teachers Use Laptops to Spy on Students. Who Paid for this?

Even aside from the depravity of spying on kids in their own homes with taxpayer-slave dollars, I have a better question.  Who the hell approved a purchase of laptops for every single student in this school?  2,300 laptops at a price of $600 – $1,200 is $1.38 Million to $2.76 Million!!!!

When I was in high school, my secretary mother shelled out a sizeable portion of her own money to get us a family computer.  This is called freedom and personal responsibility.  “Choice” that the pro-abortionists like to worship.  Families have a choice to be responsible and enhance their homes, or be fools and blow their money on too many cars, too big cars, gambling, vacations, spas, manicures, and other luxuries.

On top of it, they say that this is an affluent neighborhood, with affluent parents.  So the parents and school board band together to seize even more funds from taxpayers, to teach their children a lesson in theft, entitlement, luxury, and socialism?  Now these sick baby boomer spoiled brats have voted in taxpayer subsidization of millions of dollars so that their little spoiled brats get a PERSONAL laptop on the slave labor of their neighbors?

This is disgusting.  Now they will once again, beg the Democrat Obama government to seize money from taxpayers all over the US to shore up budget shortfalls for education funding (stimulus/jobs bills as they call it now).  Then, teachers, complain that they don’t get paid enough as if their hourly rate after benefits isn’t way higher than the hourly rate of accountants and technology personnel, not from competition, but from union and legal mafioso strong-arming.

If I were in pubic education, I would be livid that there is so little competition, so little power in my own hands.  I would want the shitty teachers to get fired, to get kicked out, to get denied raises, to get denied bonuses.  I would want the chance to work my ass off, go above and beyond, and actually earn the top dollar taken not from socialist impositions on the taxpayer by unions and lawyers, but from the weakness and failures of my non-competitive colleagues.  That’s capitalism.  That’s how America used to be the best at everything in the world!  That’s how everyone’s standards get raised!

You know the best public school teachers I ever had didn’t need any money to expand and enhance my knowledge.  Some of them barely used the books directly anymore because they had volumes and volumes of their own materials, gained by the passion and sweat of their brows.  No computers.  No videos.  No bullshit.  Black and white ink on paper, an engaging voice, a passionate soul, and a caring heart.

That’s a teacher.

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