Star Parker: Green Money, not “Green Jobs”

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Star Parker in 2002.  What an amazing woman.  She would annihilate Van Jones in a battle of intellect; but not enough people have had the pleasure of holding company with insane ivy league graduates who are logically and intellectually challenged (arriving at the prestigious universities from money and connections instead of merit).  So they assume that if some idiot gets into a prestigious university and coasts through a bull crap liberal arts program, by God, they must be very smart cookies!  Oh Van Jones, you perfectly achieved genius!

They should’ve seen Miss America (Virginia) Harvard graduate contestant Nancy sit down in a yoga pose to calm herself from quickly losing a debate from defending liberal Democrat positions on “hate” crimes.  And then be forced to remove herself from the room like a brat after a second failed attempt of defunct logic.  And then get thrown out of the room by the professor for playing video games during class and distracting everyone behind her.  “But dadddaaay!  Please make Mr. k-mart pants professor choke on one of our silver spoons!  Dadddaaay!  Now I say, Dadddaaayy!  Oh but you will force me to sit in my yoga pose all night long!  Where is my Harvard seal, where is my Harvard culture!”

Star, if I were editing your article (mostly perfect though it is), I would add to the last sentence “getting married, [staying married]”

Great job!

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