Democrat Says: Save Some Birds, Murder Tons of People

A truly illuminating discussion today with a very intelligent Obama-loving Environmentalist Cult member.  Some background: her religion – a Pantheist – Buddhism to be exact.

Started out as a joke.  She (the cultist) was speaking with an admiring fan about seemingly normal things.  Then it devolved into the typical hateful authoritarian-leftist diatribe ala Bill Maher and Jon Stewart “people are stupid, we need to do xyz to control them and herd them”, “Obama needs to shovel things down the dumb American public’s throats”, etc.

The joke moved to “population control”.  The idea she applauded was to let people onto I-95 with no speed limits and let them kill themselves.  I said “what about the innocent people”.  She laughs, “No one is innocent.”  I am disgusted.  I retort: “Excuse me, but in regards to fault for murderous and sociopathic driving behavior, an individual who is driving safely and considerately is innocent of wrongdoing.  They would be made the victims of the sociopaths in your twisted liberal scheme.”  She grunts, “Oh well, we need population reduction anyway.”

I am more appalled than ever, but not enough to shock me silent.  Because I’ve destroyed her before in debates and know where she is coming from, I also know how to play along.

Enter information asymmetry.  I took a gamble that as a typical half-baked intellectual, she would be ignorant of some significant related history.

Let the fun begin.

I say, “Wait, I have a great idea!  Let’s invent a chemical that is perfectly safe for human and animal life, but that kills mosquitoes efficiently.  Then we can entice malaria victims around the world in third world countries with the miracle chemical.  After a few years of saving thousands of human lives, we can thumb our nose at them, tell them ‘sorry but the chemical has removed a large food supply from the birds, so now some birds are dying.  We’re going to have to let you and your children die instead now.  No more miracle chemical for you!  Please die knowing that we will enjoy the sight of the pretty birds over your gravestones.’

She interjects, “Yes, I like it.  People are stupid and population needs to be controlled.  The birds have the right to life.”

I say, “Woah, hold on now.  I’m not done.  The best is yet to come! 

Decades later, after being complicit in the murder of millions by withholding the ‘preemptive cure’ for malaria, we can start a bunch of environmentalist and religious based ‘non profit’ organizations.  This means that we’ll just bill everything to the company and ensure that we dump our earnings at the end of the year, living like kings in the process, giving our family members and friends cushy, overpaid jobs for inadequate credentials. 

You know, the great dream of the ‘benevolent’ non-profit organization. 

Our ‘non-profit’ will sell nets to the victims of malaria.  These cost a lot more than the miracle chemical.  But we can convince dumb Americans to buy them by the droves!  They’ll give us the money, we’ll make a killing and live like kings, and we’ll send them over to the third world and look like heroes.”

She interjects, realizing for the first time that I had a basis in real life for my proposal, “Well at least nets are natural and don’t mess with the environment.  They save the people and the birds.”

I say, “Woah, not so fast.  Our ‘non-profit’ scheme isn’t legit.  It’s a big crock of crap.  Who in their right mind would believe that nets will save people from a mosquito bite?  Tell me what happens when you need to get out of the net to hunt and forage?  What do you do when you need to get out of the net to urinate?  How about just to live and be free, play with your kids?”

A pissed off look comes over her face.

I continue, “Now, we have achieved not only murder of thousands of people, but made tons of money in the process, and convinced dumb westerners that we are heroes too!  They vote Democrat and believe in our causes, and the only ones who uncover our evil fraud are the ones murdered thousands of miles away, who will never have a voice to interfere with our propaganda effort anyway!  It’s brilliant!”

She asserts, “Yeah I like your plan.  Population control needs to happen some way.  I wish that malaria would come here.  Malaria is actually a subject in a class I’m teaching now.”

I say, “Ah, so then you are teaching all about DDT then?  Or did they erase that from the history books already too?”

She says, “What are you talking about?”

“DDT.  Nothing?  You don’t know?  I mean, it’s not that any substance should be used without caution and regulation – but they spend billions on cancer drugs that have debilitating effects worse than DDT, and here is a cheap, effective chemical that can save thousands of lives just by nailing some insects.  Used from WW2 through the 70s until the environmentalists took it away.”

“I’m just the teacher.”

“Exactly, I take that as a ‘yes’ the liberals effectively made us stupid once again by playing history revisionists, and ‘no’ you don’t know what that is.”

She aborts mission, “Well, population control is really important, wildlife is more important than human overpopulation, and people are stupid anyway.”

I say, “Well now, I do disagree with you with all my heart, but respect your belief system.  I would just hold you accountable to your ideas though.  Because you are willing to murder thousands of people to save some birds, and really think people are stupid and need to die to reduce population – I have a prospect for you. 

You will actually put your actions behind your worldview and ideology.  You will not be like those Christian caricatures that you always make fun of, you know, the ones who speak morals and family values and righteousness from a pulpit, and then go cheat on their significant others, lie through their teeth, rob people blind, and such. 

You will stand behind your killing of thousands with resolute action to avoid hypocrisy!  I have a number of weapons for you to choose from.  You’ll pick your preferred one, rally people who think like you, get in a big save-the-world hippie drum circle, and then blow your brains out when the song ends!  Then you won’t be playing mystical life force Buddha god with OTHER peoples’ lives, but you will be using YOUR OWN freedom and individual rights to achieve the thing that you believe in – population reduction!”

She says, “Ha ha.”

Yes…ha ha indeed.

Although I don’t think it’s all that funny.  I mean, I can play along, but these socialist environmental nut jobs are really a terrifying bunch.  We really thought that Mao Zedong, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Che, and the rest of the communist psychopaths had been defeated.  Wrong.

“They say that dead men don’t pull triggers”  Marx constantly proves that wrong.  This ever-charming woman was the demonstration today.

It’s not that the story of DDT is black and white, God knows, such power should be regulated and carefully applied.  It’s that ideological people on the left and right tend to force absolute black and white aggressions on the populace.  All for their world views.  Doesn’t matter if it originated from bad Buddhism, or bad Christianity, or bad atheism and hedonism. 

It’s that the sociopathic mindset of environmentalists like this woman is the same one from decades ago that is responsible for the murder of thousands.  When you have a cure that is cheap, affordable, and you you withhold it from the victims because of your ideology – using shaky pop science of the day (at that time the justification for DDT danger to humans was entirely unfounded) – you are complicit in their deaths.  The blood is on the hands of those environmentalists. 

But as this woman indicated – that’s just fine with her.  And no, when asked to stand up for her beliefs, and take her own life – she is not willing.  Yet she’ll pull the trigger on thousands of other human lives if it were up to her life-force hand of Buddha.

Compassion of the left for birds:

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