Tom Hanks Turns Idiot Forest Gump Role into Real Life Aspirations – Maligns American WW2 Strategy and Sides with Terrorists

From a position of pretend patriotism, you can use your voice to brainwash the semi-informed useful idiots of today, in matters that have current and future impact.  This is the real goal.

This is the case with the Tom Hanks Hollywood socialist strategy, taking a page out of the insidious science of propaganda invented by our very own USA and perfected by the Nazis.

But you know, acting out a drama must give you deep knowledge of martial affairs.  I’m sure in a pop quiz for the military mastermind Tom Hanks, I would ask, “Oh, Mr. Hanks, will you please explain to us what circumvallation is?” and he would respond “Uh…isn’t that like what happens when I get my valet parking pushed to the front of the priorities because of my fame?”

“No Tom, no.  Just proving how you have no right to have anyone trust a word you say, because you failed to educate yourself on even basics of the topic that you are trying to push onto everyone.”

But keep up that acting.  Maybe you can make another pretend war movie, in a pretend world where you gain pretend insight into pretend asymmetric warfare.  Then we’ll have a pretend conversation about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Salafism, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, The Taliban, Hizbollah, Hamas, and the rest.

Then I can pretend to respect your treason against this Country in creating baseless talking points for the enemy that are consumed and followed by half-thinking liberal useful idiots.  And then I can pretend that Time Magazine is an honest and intelligent publication.

It’s an all around pretend-o-rama!!!  Oh wait, that’s what you do for a living.  Never you mind, nothing to see here, just another Rosie O’Donnell, arrogant liberal celebrity using their fame to talk about things they have no knowledge of, and rallying support from their base of liberal half-wits.

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Duuuuuhhhhhrrrrr…I doez military thinking…they make my face wif makeup like fake soldier…it’s fun mommy…then Iz get lotz o’ idea-ers aboutz tha Booooosh warz in middle eastern, like racist white mans against tha poor japan-country peoplez in the War of Worldz 2!!!! 

That racist white mens likes to die in horribles ways just to getz chances to killz people don’t look like themz.  Stillz can’t figure out why they not tries to killz themz Spainiards and Algerianianisms yet, cuz theys don’t look too much likez white mens either.  I thinkz it be a Booooosh plan in tha workz for when Savior Obama getz voted out by racist white menz.  LOOK OUT YOU NOBLE ALGERIANIANISMS!!!

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