Bill O’Reilly and Dr. Jennifer Burns Eviscerate Tom Hanks Left-Wing Race-Baiting Tactics

Learn about “Presentism”.  Also Historian’s Fallacy.  I didn’t like Bill O’Reilly’s “zero reason” claim which hides the mentality of the enemy.  I would have preferred “illegitimate reasons”.  No enemy attacks without reasons, even if they are ridiculous in the court of pure rationality.  I’m sure the Dr. would agree with me, but it’s just gutter sniping the main point of the segment.  She kind of also winced when he said that, but I admire her discipline in sticking to the point and knowing who is paying her.  I would have provided similar deference to a client of mine, and exercised similar discipline in focusing on the crux.

What Jennifer refers to is propaganda tactics of “demonizing the enemy”, but the ignorant Hanks and race-baiting liberals confuse a single tactic with larger mandates for war and strategy.  Jennifer correctly refers to the crux of the true matter at hand, i.e. “the instigating incident of the war”.  Tom Hanks would have us believe that the instigator is the fact that Japanese look different than white men.  Very ignorant.  Very liberal.  Oh so Californian.  Oh so progressive.  Let’s make a movie babay!

When Jennifer says “what happens on the ground, how it plays out, that’s much harder to judge”, she is referring to the propaganda tactic of demonizing the enemy, but this single tactic does not always play out in a methodical and precise manner.  The reality on the ground from man to man is quite complex.  She acknowledges that.  She then correctly divorces racism and “kill them all” idiotic assertions of Tom Hanks and liberal half-wits from the US motivations of war.

I would’ve liked a layman’s analogy better though.  Something like, “You were MOTIVATED to play football for the thrill, challenge, competition, and confidence building.  During the game, you called your opponents OFFENSIVE AND DIVISIVE NAMES to rally your team against the opponent and elevate morale.” 

In Tom Hanks Democrat land, people like to make their families cry and maim and kill themselves just to get a chance to call names.  The entire decision-making process for playing the game in the first place is co-opted by his warped liberal faith and worldviews.

Bill O’Reilly correctly states that the Japanese wouldn’t surrender (sic kamikaze tactics) and thus you had to kill them all in every battle.  The Sun God could not die.  Even when their entire navy and air force was gone, they still would not surrender.  Even after the first nuke was dropped, they still would not surrender.  Did we forget the massive losses which were used to predict 4M deaths of Japanese and 1M deaths of Americans if we were forced to take Japan by ground without the nuke, a deluded emperor whose people would not surrender?

How about a taste of some truth and facts Hollywood, oh, land of fiction and fairy tales?  Every time you sully your hands in the land of truth, reason, and reality, you make yourselves out to be the jackasses that you are.  Wait.  Jackass.  Mascot of the Democrat party.  It all makes sense now.

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