Obama ‘n Crew give the Jews yet another raping

How stupid is Obama about foreign relations and national security?  Ahhh, allow the latest action he has chosen to demonstrate:

World Tribune: Obama blocks delivery of missiles to Israel

Now, China, Russia, Iran, they have all supplied enemies of the United States almost entirely with their primary weapons.  Remember, oh compassionate Democrats who are such great patriots and love the military so much you just “want them home”, the primary murder weapon – conical copper plates for terrorist IED vehicle penetration manufactured in – Iran!!!!  Yes!!!  All those Iranian missiles?  Russian and Chinese technologies!

Let me explain something to Democrats.  Turn off the John Stewart and Comedy Central half-baked news.  Turn Barney off.  Turn Sesame Street off.  Turn off all your little talking Disney animals. 

Let’s step into reality and out of the ivory tower and fictional entertainment scene.  In the REAL world, hostile nations become allies with each other for interests of self-preservation.  In the REAL world, men have learned REAL lessons from thousands of years of trial and error, “Si vis pacem, para bellum” (Renatus, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’).

The Muslims do not respect this foolish Disney-like, she-male, Obama, soccer mom behavior in defense policy.  They will respond to and respect only veritable power plays.  We already learned this Obama approach is a failure in the 70s with Jimmy Carter.  This same attitude deposed the Shah of Iran, a great friend of the USA, and replaced him with the mullahs.  The Jimmy Carter result is what we have to deal with today – Radical Islam sponsored by large governments.  Yet here you Democrats go again.  Just can’t take a lesson, as usual.  Ideology trumps rationality and history.

Are you ready for the correct action by a REAL Commander in Chief of the USA?  Here it is:

“Mr. President, is it true that you have provided bunker busting missiles to Israel?”

“Israel is a faithful ally of the USA that has risked blood and fortune to stabilize and secure the interests of our Countrymen and allies across the world.  Like any other friend, we have entrusted them with their own sovereignty and decision making powers for their own state.  Iran chooses to sell copper plates, missiles, and AK-47s to terrorist organizations, because they feel the same kinship with terrorists.  China continues to sell missile technologies to Iran, because they feel the same kinship with Iran.  Or should we make fools of each other and pretend that these things aren’t going on right now, as we speak?  I will give you more honor than that.  I will give you honesty.

We will sell whatever weapons to our allies that we feel will strengthen the security and position of our people, just as Iran, China, Russia, and every other nation in the world does.  We will then leave independent defense decisions of independent allies in the hands of their own sovereign states, just as Iran has chosen to do with Lebanon, just as China and Russia have chosen to do with Iran.  This sale is a boon in our economic downturn, and it is much desired and needed  by our Jewish friends for their continued safety and security.”

With China and Russia playing the same games in the UN security council, blocking meaningful sanctions (oh savior Obama, you have failed, you false prophet of “change”), I’d have my rep walk up to their ambassadors and ask them how they like those bunker busters in Israeli hands.  “Would be very expensive to the Chinese and Russian economies should Iran’s oil flow be disrupted by an aggressive response to the dismantling of their nuclear plants.  China and Russia grimace, because they don’t want a war that’s going to cut off their oil flow.  They give some ground on the sanctions.

But go ahead Democrats, living in the land of privilege, blue skies, fairy tales, school kids, and easy-street has done wonders to  your sense of reality.  Meanwhile, all over the middle east, the Bush strategy has forced the terrorist rats from their holes and has them captured and exterminated by the hordes at the hands of *shock* Yemeni, Pakistani, Saudi, Egyptian, Iraqi, and Afghan governments.  Middle east dealing with their own crazies.  Pure brilliance.  Pure success.

So let’s keep kicking the Jews in the balls.

Oh wait, it doesn’t matter.  American Jews are too uninformed to vote righteously for the welfare of their own people anyway.  Lest we forget about 77% of all American Jews voting for Obama.  Lest we forget the “entertainer” Sarah Silverman Comedy Central shill for Jewish billionaire communist George Soros and her “Great Schlep” in Florida to get elderly Jews to vote for Obama.  Or how about that great Jewish lobbyist, J Street, and Jeremy Ben-Ami stating “the campaign waged against [Obama] by Republican Jews comprised ‘baseless smears.’”

Not looking too baseless now, are they Democrat Jews?  After all of this?  How many more slaps in the face does Israel need for you to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong?  Your brothers and sisters in Israel are screaming at you, “where the hell are you now” and you’re still tuned in to George Soros’ propaganda machines, the Hollywood machine, and the Democrat party.  Bide your time.  It may not be soon, but in the coming years, these tragic decisions will bring your shame.  That is, if you even still claim to care about your brethren in Israel.  Maybe you don’t. 

I will not rub it in your face once you wake up and repent.  I will call you brother and sister and even wipe your tears.  The potential consequences will be too dire for all but the most evil prophets to revel in their correct foresight.

Looking mighty pathetic and weak with those worry-brows Ms. Silverman:

Didn’t they teach you actresses in “school” to carry a noble and admirable presence?  Oh wait, you were smoking pot on that day.

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