ObamaCare pages 1184 – 1190: You’re all Losers, so Nanny Government will Rule your Lives Now

The more I read, the more sick I get to my stomach.  It’s not that George Soros and the other communist authors of this bill were ignorant as to particular sources of health issues in America – it’s that they have granted powers to the government to intrude on people’s lives and take their freedom away from them, instead of giving us more freedom and actually reducing costs of healthcare.

They speak of “target populations” as in, recognizing groups of people who are losers and fail to use their freedom to remain healthy, instead using their freedom to be unhealthy.  The Democrat socialist solution?  Use local government to seize that freedom away from those people, and force them to live differently on a day-to-day basis.

Basically, pages 1184 – 1190 talk about “intervention” programs enacted by STATE AND LOCAL AND TRIBAL GOVERNMENTS via FEDERAL TAX DOLLAR GRANTS whereby they will take “ACTIVE MEASURES” to tell you how to eat, how to exercise, how much to smoke, how many drugs to “abuse”, and then “intervene” on your behalf through active screenings.  They then are required to quantify unquantifiable things in their reports to the communist leader of the communist healthcare – such as “changes in weight, proper nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, emotional well being and overall mental health, other factors based on community behavioral measures, and ANYTHING ELSE DEEMED BY THE NEW HEALTHCARE GOD (HHS Secretary)”  Oh my, let’s define measurable parameters of “emotional well being” without great argument, and what is appropriate “physical activity” as quantified on a person-by-person, genetic, and body type basis – without debate, let’s define “proper nutrition” for diverse people.

And by the way, “screening activities” are designed by ObamaCare law to include forced “behavioral” and “mental health” screening, physical activity, nutrition screening, and drug screening and “ANY OTHER SCREENINGS DEEMED APPROPRIATE BY THE FEDERAL HEALTHCARE GOD (HHS SECRETARY)” (pg 1190).  So basically, get ready to be forced to report your exercise activities, and what you eat every day to nanny government Democrats.

Six pages out of thousands.  Are you ready to annihilate the Democrats yet?

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