In yet another of Obama’s lies and violations of his campaign promise to “not raise taxes on those who earn less than $250,000 per year”, he has now taxed you every time you eat in a restaurant for his new healthcare bill.

The method of taxation is quite insidious.  Pages 1206 – 1214 (sec 4205) forces all US franchise food establishments (which, you may or may not understand, is nearly every place you eat at) to display all nutritional information on menus.

Sounds good at first glance right?  Well, to a typical Democrat leader who spent their lives looking at paper in a fantasy world of chit chat, writing, reading, pontificating, and ideating, in the world of lawyers and community organizers and other non-actuarial pursuits – these types of things just sound as dandy as Disney stories.

Let’s take a look at reality though. 

Out of morbid curiosity, sure, I would like to know the nutritional information of food that I buy from restaurants. 

But generally, I understand simple things – businesses have already started making “healthy choice” markings on their menus that are largely common sense.  A chicken breast sandwich that is not fried.  A salad.  Grilled items.  Marked “healthy”.  Why do they do this?  Market demand.  Good use of your freedom.  The free market at its best.  Competing with other restaurants for health-conscious citizens who choose to be healthy and use their freedom wisely.  American ideals.  Freedom.

Now with communist Democrat policy – restaurants are forced to spend tons of money maintaining newly forced “nutrient databases” “cookbooks” and “laboratory analyses”. 

What if the restaurant gets an idea to change a recipe to reduce costs or compete better and give you the food you want?  Not so fast anymore, thanks to ObamaCare. 

Restaurants will now be forced to weigh the cost of updating their databases, cookbooks, experimentation, nutritional information laboratory analyses, and reporting requirements to the federal Democrat nanny state.  What do all those things spell out for you?  Who do you think pays for all that activity?  You do.  Every single time you lay out your money for food, the business is now forced by the Democrat nanny state to pass those costs right down to you, in the price that you pay for the food.  A gorgeous hidden tax in the name of Democrat utopian authoritarian regulation, for an issue that was already taken on by the free market in a much more cost-conscious and common-sense manner.

And you will not believe this one.  The new Healthcare God (HHS Secretary) can tell restaurants how to cook, and tell them which recipes they must use in a “standardized” way (how is this constitutional, how can business develop and protect trade secrets if they cannot protect their recipes and are forced into standard recipes"?)

(II) CONTENTS.—In promulgating regula
17 tions, the Secretary shall—
18 ‘‘(aa) consider standardization of rec
19 ipes and methods of preparation, reasonable
20 variation in serving size and formulation of
21 menu items, space on menus and menu
22 boards, inadvertent human error, training
23 of food service workers, variations in ingre
24 dients, and other factors, as the Secretary
25 determines; and

All of this complexity and encroachment on your freedom to “fix” a problem that the free market had already fixed with “healthy choice” options at various restaurants, at a fraction of the cost that you will now shoulder.  Not to mention this “standardized training” communist imposition.  Only a business can figure out what is the best way to train their people to do the job in the most effective and cost-efficient way.  Now you will pay for this “standardized” training that is guaranteed to make restaurants less effective by seizing their freedom to adapt to their particular operational needs and customers.

And for the Democrat jackasses who think ObamaCare section 4205 is a great idea, let me bring you up to speed with the realm of intelligent people: hamburgers and fried foods aren’t good for you.  Salads without creamy stuff and grilled foods and olive oils are good for you.  Fruits and vegetables are good for you.  “Fake fat” and “fake taste” stuff that is manufactured to save calories has lots of chemicals which have unknown long-term consequences and will probably give you cancer in time.  Stop drinking soda and beer.  Stop eating french fries.  Stop eating doughnuts.  That breaded stuff that is crispy?  That’s called fried food.  Remember I already taught you that fried food is bad for you.  You can use the associative property of mathematics and logic, correct? 

Got it?  I propose that if you still like ObamaCare section 4205, that we make you people pay the extra costs in your tax directly to the HHS Secretary, communist god of health.

As it stands, this new insidious hidden tax is yet another of Obama’s big lies.

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