O’Reilly, Al Sharpton, Heavy Metal, the “N”-word, and Organizational Generalizations

The title will make sense by the end, promise fingerscrossed smile_sarcastic.

The old Mongolian proverb comes to mind – “If you dare to speak the truth, have one foot in the stirrup”.  I am one of those who dares.  Always have been, always will be.

Story goes like this: Democrat Socialist Healthcare bill passes the Democrat controlled government, all 2400+ pages plus 100+ page reconciliation amendments.  Not a single Republican idea is in it, except for AN ASPECT of making insurance companies not deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.  The public is against the bill at upwards of over 60% opposition.  What’s even worse?  While the public largely opposes ObamaCare, they still want REAL reform, that is they want healthcare reform at 76%, just not the Democrat legislation that is now law of the land. 

Obama in 2007 claims that “you can’t govern after you’ve done a big move with a 50+1 vote strategy”.  At the time he was referring to the Bush surge strategy in Iraq (which as we know stabilized the Country and “won” the war – as close to winning as it will ever come).  A translation: using Obama’s logic, in Obama’s own words, the Democrat party has now lost the consent of the governed and can no longer govern us.

Enter the fallback, within days of the Healthcare bill passage, there are claims that the Tea Party has yelled the “n”-word at black statespersons.  There are claims that they have been spit on.  Both Democrat and Republican offices are vandalized (with no injuries).

Now as someone who’s been face to face, punched, screamed at, spit on, you name it – I know how these scuffles work.  I’m going beyond O’Reilly and Sharpton, and everyone else who is taking the “safe” road for fear of ratings loss.  Why am I convinced the Democrats are lying about much if not all of these “n”-word and “spitting” scenarios?  Simple detective work.

First, Democrat party motive to fabricate stories about racism and the “n” word:  power.  They know that most blacks and Hispanics are culturally conservative, religious, and fiscally conservative with their own money.  The Democrats feel the wind at the back of the tea party, taking minorities away from their guaranteed Democrat voting block (Blacks were at 95% Democrat last election, and always above 90% historically – ironic since the Democrat party is historically the party of the KKK). 

The Democrats want that vote more than anything because it’s the skin-based vote that gets them over the top of every election.  They need to make it about skin color, because if popular discourse makes it about the issues, Democrats lose hands down.  They always must incite hatred against whites and men to get women to not think, to get minorities to not think, to get them to vote just based on their genitals, and their skin color. 

They can get away with this because in the 60s and 70s, the Democrats led the way in handouts to “help” previously oppressed demographics of good Americans including women and minorities.  It is my opinion though, that as time went on and fairness normalized, the Democrat handout mentality transformed from benevolence to control – as Star Parker calls it – getting people dependent on the “government plantation”.

All the Democrats have to do to keep up this charade is continuously plant half-truths that pit women and minorities against the rest of the world.  Give them something to rally around, then watch their brains get shut off and divorced from the real issues at hand.  Watch them run to the polls and simply vote democrat because of their gender and skin color, backed up by fabricated conspiracy theories based on half-truths.  Talk about the politics of fear?  Very ironic for the self-proclaimed party of civil rights.

This is not the first incident, but yet another in the weekly series of racial and gender polarization that is a key strategy of the Democrat party.  The Democrats have been playing the race and gender card at every corner, even comparing health insurance premiums to segregation and Jim Crow laws (disgraceful): http://hotair.com/archives/2010/03/29/video-when-mattera-met-harkin/.

Second, the incident fits the format of an historical tactic.  This is an old tactic I experienced myself on campus.  A few incidents of Democrat students defacing their own doors with racist epithets to get attention and rally people to their cause.  An age-old Democrat tactic, inspired by the previously described motive.

Lastly, video of the incident with John Lewis proves that he lied about “being spit on”.  Once you’ve lied, the trust is gone.  You forever lose “benefit of the doubt”.  Thus I don’t believe that he was called the “n” word and I think he lied about that.  Not to mention after all this time, there are still no videos with the “n” word recorded.  And this is why John Lewis will not go on any show to assert his claims.  He doesn’t want to have his body language viewed.  Liar.  Motive established, tactic identified, dishonesty proven.

What DID happen as the video shows – is an angry man cupped his hands and was screaming at John Lewis, to be heard over the loud crowd which at my last check is the decibel equivalent loudness of an airplane.  You want to try to be heard over that amount of noise?  You’ve got to scream with all your lungs.  This man was livid, and I understand his ire because of the Obama and Democrat healthcare takeover.  He was screaming at the face of John Lewis. John Lewis responded in the way that I have responded when I’ve gotten spittle on me from angry people shouting in my face.

If you watch the full video of him going up the steps, he also reacts in a way that spittle is wiped off.  One or two wipes does it.  I’ve been actually spit on before too.  It takes more than two wipes to get off spit.  It only takes one or two wipes to get off spittle.  And let me tell you, if you get a big wad of spit in your face, you don’t just brush it once and keep walking.  You use your entire hand, and then you’ve got to wipe it off on something.  John Lewis was not spit upon.  John Lewis got spittle in his face from a screaming man:

O’Reilly’s point that EVEN IF the n-word was used by 1 or 2 out of dozens of thousands of people, there are people like that in every group – racist blacks, racist Hispanics, etc.  To answer Al Sharpton’s question “who is ‘our’ of ‘our Country’”, the ‘our’ is Americans who love this country, patriots. 

But when you see the world through racial lenses like Sharpton does, I can understand how he takes it out of context. 

What O’Reilly failed to put forth is that the only dedicated racist groups that have substantial bases are supporters of the Democrat party – Islamic groups like CAIR who form blocks based on culture and race to the detriment of others, black groups like Farrakhan’s hordes, black panthers, and Hispanic racists like La Raza.  By contrast the KKK can barely even meet, and when they have events, less than 100 people arrive.

It was good that O’Reilly finally got Sharpton to admit that his argument was specious, by conceding that there are ‘elements’ of extremism in every caucus, and in the end Sharpton loses to the truth.  By supporting Sharpton’s point, you must believe that the left wing Obama organization “Organizing for America” is a racist organization because it has radical racists who are also members of black panthers and la raza.

If you want to ascribe organizational generalizations, you must do so only by pointing to the analysis of statements put forth by the leadership of the organization, and unified actions taken by the organization.  This is why even though Obama and the Democrats have had all of the American communist and socialist groups carrying their banner for decades, you could not call the Democrat party socialist until they built a record of socialist commentary, appointed communist sympathizers to high positions, issued socialist statements by key leaders, and enacted blatantly socialist laws.  Plethora of rhetoric from the top + actions = organizational generalization.

I make a recommendation to the Tea Party and anti-Democrat and anti-bad-Republican folks: You need to take a page out of Martin Luther King Junior’s book.  With everything you’re fighting, I know you’ve done a good job so far, peaceful for the most part.  But every time an angry person gets up there, screams, and goes even slightly over the edge – the media seizes on it and uses it  to demagogue the entire movement.  You have to stay cool folks.  Use the power of truth and peace.  Use the power of intellect and righteousness.  Be one with the mentality of Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Jesus Christ. 

And even, use comedy and sarcasm with discretion.  It really works with the younger crowd.  Look at what Comedy Central managed to do during the Bush administration for the Democrat party.

I make a recommendation to the thin-skinned Democrat phonies, oh great “heroes” of the civil rights era.  Time to take up some heavy metal and get some balls.  Spittle is the least of what can happen to you.  I’ve faced worse in my life and I have no entourage, protection, authority of the state, and media lapdogs doing my bidding like you all do.  You all are more like Marie Antoinette than heroes.  Grow a spine, and do battle on the field of ideas, rather than the field of hate-propaganda, and the politics of emotion, fear, and demographic division.

Awesome lyrics: “got shit on, pissed on, spit on, stepped on, fucked with, pointed at by lesser men
(pre)New life in place of old life, unscarred by trials.
((chorus)A new level of confidence and power”:

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