Thanks to FBI for Stopping the next Protestant Christian Cult Massacre

Although all hands here have been slammed lately with life’s happenings, we did a joint effort to clean up the story of the Hutaree Christian Cult militia that was plotting to murder law enforcement and their friends and families in order to “begin the apocalypse” and be at the ready to “stand by Jesus’ side”.

Sounds very analogous to Charles Manson and Helter Skelter doesn’t it?  Or the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas, which spent nearly 70 years building up religious fanaticism to their ultimate climax of death?  Or Jonestown?  Or Aum Shinrikyo? Or Heaven’s Gate?

I have studied Destructive Cults extensively.  Among the most pervasive destructive cult behavior are “doomsday” cults and Protestant Christian cults.  In fact, these two categories of cults are so pervasive that they have earned their own classification in the study of cults (see Christian Cult and Doomsday Cult).

You may also notice that there are “Political Cults” as well.  Why is it important to understand the history and concepts of cults?  Because if you did, you could see immediately what we saw with this bogus reporting on the Hutaree Christian Cult militia.  And this is why the context we provide here is so important.  Both conservative and liberal media outlets are misrepresenting the entire story, instead, they are using it as a pawn serves their varied interests in different ways.

Let’s dig in.

Why Cult?  Why Protestant Christian and not Orthodox or Catholic?

image002 Before digging in, it’s important to understand that both Protestant and Catholic/Orthodox frameworks have their merits.  For thousands of years, Catholicism has had its failures and successes.  For a few hundred years, Protestantism has had its own failures and successes.  The new Catholic/Orthodox Churches have learned some things from Protestant operations, and Protestants have learned some things from Catholic/Orthodox operations. 

When dealing with cults, we have to be blatantly honest about where they come from and why they arise.  That has nothing to do with religion.  Religion is just the subject matter in many cults.  In other cults, politics, entertainment, or sociology are the subject matters.  The vehicle for cult formation is an organizational and psychological one.  It involves lack of large central authority, and many other psychological motivators which can be manipulated with corrupted politics, religion, culture, media, etc. 

When the pervasive sentiments of an entire culture are large enough to filter destructive cults up to the top of a large central authority – really horrible things happen.  Hitler and the Third Reich.  Napoleon and the French Revolution of murderous Atheism.  Stalin and the USSR.  Fidel Castro, Che, and Cuba.  Communist China, Mao Zedong and the “Great Leap Forward”.  Woodrow Wilson, progressives, and American eugenics.

Identifying characteristics of destructive cults is a much larger topic that will not be discussed here.

But it is important to know what a cult is.  Technically every religion is a cult, in fact, the Latin word “Cultus” means “worship”.  Other English words derived from Cultus: culture, cultivation.  This is why, for cult scholars it was academically important to define “Destructive Cults”.  This is the negative way that the word “cult” is usually perceived in modern vernacular.

In theological studies, a “cult” must be a religious movement that arose OUTSIDE of the body and influence of an established religious framework.  Religious movements that originate INSIDE of an established religious framework are called “sects”.  In order to understand this concept, a good article discusses a brief history of cult and sect dealings of the Catholic Church.

The reason why a Destructive Cult of the Christian category can never be Catholic or Orthodox is the same reason why a Destructive Cult of the Political category can never be of the Democrat or Republican party.  If you have read the previous article mentioned, you might understand this a little better.  If a Destructive Cult takes over such a large organization as the Catholic Church or Democratic Party, then you will begin to see horrible things as massive as “the fundamental transformation” of entire countries.  Examples are Stalin, Mao Zedong, Hitler, Napoleon.

The Catholic Church has the longest history of fighting cults that have arisen in Christianity throughout the millennia.  Either a true CULT forms OUTSIDE of the Catholic church and then lays claim to Catholic identity, and the Catholic authority immediately holds counsel to either correct the destructive doctrine and welcome them in, or if they remain in defiance, then they are deemed heretical and thus never Catholic.  In other cases, a true SECT forms INSIDE of the Catholic Church and is immediately reprimanded or cast out of the Church’s authority.

In other words – the best tool in fighting any type of destructive cult is a strong central authority, whether the cult is Christian, Political, Alien, or Hippie music and earth-worshipping.  When individuals in local communities feel that they have the authority to define entire belief systems, and then people begin following them, you get Robespierre and the French Revolution, you get Jonestown, Branch Davidians, and the Westborough Baptists.  When individuals in local communities do not trust charismatic “leaders” with that type of power and authority, then cult formation is impossible because the large central authority must recruit from and gain support of the masses.  And the masses tend to reject destructive operations.  Most people want to live in peace and freedom.  This positive side of strong central authority is an unpopular idea with Americans from our puritanical protestant and revolutionary roots. 

What about a political example?  If a bunch of amateurs picked up Political writings, exhibited DESTRUCTIVE tendencies, and began to lay claim to the Democrat party, the Democrat party would immediately renounce the violence and destructive dogma, and then isolate the group.

On the other hand, if a Political Cult (such as the 911 Truthers or Code Pink) seemed to gain traction with a sizeable minority, but not threaten violence or division in the platform, then the Democrat party may use the cult to their advantage, while keeping them at arms length (except for when Obama appointed a bunch of them and other radicals to high office).

Protestant Christians pay a price for the “freedom of personal interpretation of the bible”.  Where the Catholic Church has a worldwide network of biblical scholars who dedicate their lives towards interpretation of the bible, and encourage churchgoers to not only read the bible, but also in the context of the strong, rigorous, and scholastic theologies put forth by the central expert authority – Protestant churches have a much looser structure. 

At best, mainline Protestant Christian sects form coalitions within certain sects “like Baptist, Methodist, etc.”  They might even argue amongst themselves and take home only loose unification on certain dogmas, giving the local chapters of the Protestant sect free reign to define everything else in their local dogmas. 

Evangelical “mega” churches have even looser authority.  They have a local council whose authority begins and ends with a few individuals at the top of that single church body, answering to no one else.  They call their theology the “doctrine” or “dogma” of their Church and where actual authority is concerned, it represents the opinions of the leaders of that church alone.

And then you get your loosest of authorities.  Protestant Christian cults that arise in the middle of nowhere, with a few charismatic leaders – Jim Jones, David Koresh, the Westborough Baptists – just to name a few.  Enter the Hutaree Christian Militia.

How the Liberal News is Spinning this Militia

To CNN & MSNBC, this is a great opportunity to advance leftist policy.  The tactic has two spins: hurt Christians and hurt Conservatives.  The obvious correlation they’d like to make is some connection to the “Tea Party” movement which the leftists feel incredibly threatened by.  It’s easy enough – just paint the Hutarees as Christian nut jobs (which they are), and right-wing radicals (which they are), and militia members (which they are), and correlate to the Republican and Tea Party folks.  Rely on the liberal viewer’s ignorance of cults, militia, conservatism, terrorism, and comparable threats in the world today to do the rest of the work.  Instant and successful demagoguery of the Republican ticket, their real target.

Recently, the leftist media has also done the same things with Joe Stack (crashed a plane into the building) even though when they truth came out, we learned that he was a registered Democrat (as I previously and prophetically predicted right here on Ascending Intellect, noting his suicide letter spoke of more of a socially liberal, hippie bent than a conservative one).

Recently, the left also misreported the Pentagon shooter as “a sympathizer with the tea party”, hiding information that he was also a socially liberal, crazy hippie who thought that the currency should be marijuana. 

How the Right News is Spinning this Militia

Not surprisingly, mainstream conservative media (ie fox news) is taking the opposite approach.  In fact, on the O’Reilly Factor, neither Bill O’Reilly, nor Laura Ingraham even mentioned that this was a Christian cult.  They didn’t even mention the word “Hutaree”.  And it’s not because the information wasn’t out there.  I secured information from underground right-wing blogging which dug up local news sources to get the real and honest story.  Fox News instead chose to bury the truth about this story – that the real story is about a new Christian Cult, another Waco Texas story. 

Why did Fox News bury the truth?  Because they have to respond to the attacks of the left wing media who are trying to hurt Republicans with the story.  Just agreeing and saying “yeah, those are militias for you” and “okay, it’s a fringe element that could support the tea party, but you’ve got fringes in every group” – this is the best defense against the deception of the left in this case.  Taking the time to explain militias, cults, and terrorist threat is a losing proposition which also makes you look sympathetic and complicit.

So the right-wing spinsters have done their job too, and buried the story along side MSNBC and CNN, for different reasons.

The Real Truth and the Solution – The FBI are Heroes for Preventing yet another Protestant Christian Cult Massacre

Buried Fact #1: The Hutaree Christian Militia is not a valid militia.  Most militias help local law enforcement and are good citizens who love America.  The Hutaree are Christian cult wackjobs who love their fantasies about shooting bullets at the side of Jesus more than they love Jesus’ message of peace and America.  As reported here, mainstream Michigan militia groups rejected the Hutaree cult numerous times when the Hutarees requested to join them.

Buried Fact #2: While the Tea Party movement cannot be painted alongside the Hutaree, there IS cause for alarm regarding militia groups if they become ostracized and go underground like the Hutarees.  To understand the evolving danger, one simply has to compare knowledge in this article, with other cult activity.  Certain militia groups exhibit dogmas of Doomsday, Political radicalism like the hippies and socialists, AND Christian radicalism.  The Hutarees had all of these. 

Whether it’s Robespierre over the course of a decade, or whether it’s the Branch Davidians over the course of 70 years, we know the dangers of ignoring cults at their formation.  Cults need self-regulation and freedom so that they feel empowered and not threatened to isolate themselves even more.  People join a cult for belonging and brotherhood, and when outsiders push down on them, it actually helps radical leaders to polarize their followers even more.  The FBI should be proud of winning this battle.  But Obama’s short-sighted strategy threatens to lose the war and complicate the situation. 

Putting the Hutaree alongside Al Qaeda is ridiculous.  The worldwide Radical Islamic coalition instigates murder rampages that the Hutaree planned on a daily basis, murdering hundreds of people per day.  Radical Islam took over entire countries and still has its death grip on Iran, and even has elements embedded in governments across the globe.

For currently non-destructive Christian cults, rather than isolating and ostracizing these groups, they must be given more publicity, and access to their own larger and centralized authority so that they can prevent isolated groups from radicalizing like all splintered cults do.

If the FBI and Obama Administration take the approach of cracking down and threatening, it will have a destructive effect.  It will drive some of these isolated groups from the balance of helpfulness, merit, and lawfulness straight into the arms of groups like the Hutaree.  Without a central authority of self-regulation, discourse, and debate, groups like this are prone to radicalizing under charismatic leaders in the same way that all cults do in time. 

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