Reasons to Hate On Sean Hannity – Detriment to Conservatives

I rarely watch Sean Hannity on Fox News because frankly I can’t stand the way he thinks (or lack thereof) and the way he presents things.

When I do catch Hannity it’s only for the guests he secures – how he gets such good guests sometimes is beyond me.

Why can’t I stand him?  It’s the same reason that I’m an independent and not a registered Republican.  He makes statements like this one tonight that I caught while flipping through: “You know, you always have to watch out for LIBERAL activist judges.”

How about we watch out for ACTIVIST judges, period.  Hannity, and many of the old-guard Republicans are the reason why congress languished between 2002 and 2006 under the watch of a Republican majority.  They will be the ones who no doubt will mess it up again if they ever get the majority back.  They are arrogant and half-thinking – the only thing propping them up are their staffs who write their books for them and put info in their faces. 

Not that the left isn’t riddled with these goons too, but Hannity is particularly baseless where O’Reilly and Glenn Beck have tons of profound facts and analyses on a weekly basis (not that I’m always 100% impressed with them either, but generally, they are very helpful and profound).

I’m hoping that more analytical, objective, and fact-driven leaders find their way into positions of power.  It would help to replace Hannity.  I still don’t understand why Hannity scores so highly with the middle-aged women demographic.  How does this demo look at Hannity differently than me?  What do they comprehend that I don’t?

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