Even Your Home is not Safe From Evangelists: Bozzuto Management Company

Being a good citizen means standing up in the face of corruption and injustice – in your own life, in your own community.  Case in point: a property management company, Bozzuto, uses their power and properties to advance political agendas and force their ideology on their customers.  You want to see an intellectual smack-down of a heavyweight conservative versus a heavyweight liberal?  You’ve got to read the entire correspondence.  As I understand the liberal coward did not even respond.  Game-winning line: “The least we can do is to ask that the community, homeowners associations, and real estate management companies who watch over our very homes, extricate themselves from the business of worldview propagation.” 

Simply read the correspondence (bold emphasis mine, names redacted):


Dear Bozzuto:

Your PROPERTY NAME REDACTED property in LOCATION REDACTED has posted political activist material with the authority of Bozzuto in our common area.

Irrespective of whether or not we agree or disagree with the topic at hand, I feel as a tenant that it is highly unprofessional and intrusive for a real estate company to put their weight behind political initiatives on the very property that we pay to live on, let alone use our money to fabricate the flyers.

I imagine that if you had prospective customers coming through who took offense to the support of the political issue at hand, they may be less inclined to live on a property where they feel the management was pushing political agendas upon them…If you need more, please email me.




My name is NAME REDACTED and I am the Regional Portfolio Manager responsible for the PROPERTY NAME AND LOCATION REDACTED.

I believe the flyer you are referring to in your email below is the Earth Hour flyer.

As I realize Global Warming is a hot scientific as well as political topic these days, please understand there was no political agenda behind this flyer. It was simply the property trying to make everyone aware of the importance of being "green".

The flyer could have been worded a bit better and I do apologize for that.

Thanks for calling PROPERTY NAME REDACTED your home.

Regional Portfolio Manager
Bozzuto Management Company
Founded on Values. Built on Integrity.

7850 Walker Drive I Suite 400 I Greenbelt, MD 20770
301 446-2293 phone
877 597-9395 fax

Please consider the environment before printing this email.
Voted Nation’s Best Management Company by NAHB(r)


Dear [Bozzuto Regional Portfolio Manager]:

Thank you for your fast response sir. You are correct, and for the record, the text of the flyer said:

"We would like to encourage all of our residents to join us in participating in Earth Hour. At 8:30 PM on Saturday March 27, 2010, we urge you to turn [off] all your lights for one hour. Global warming is one of the greatest threats that we are facing. But we can make a difference if we act together. [Let’s] all show our support!



You misunderstand my disapproval of Bozzuto policy as your customer of 3.5 years. There are many public policies with analytical and scientific foundations that Bozzuto could support. In fact, having worked very high up in public policy myself, I can assure you that all public policy that tries to address worldviews has thorough scientific and analytical studies commissioned to justify decision making.

I’m not sure if the Bozzuto approvers of this flyer follow facts or the news lately, but the IPCC and other Global Warming "experts" are caught in the middle of an unending train of immense scandals.

This particular worldview is supported by people who have never even performed a nonlinear regression analysis, even college educated folks with PhDs, JDs, or MDs, in nontechnical disciplines who barely passed a single calculus course. People who cannot even understand the purportedly "scientific" basis that they have faith in.

Why would Bozzuto be "urging", marketing, promoting, "encouraging" activism, or espousing opinions on ‘the world’s greatest threats’, or putting the Bozzuto brand behind any initiative that has public policy ramifications? Especially worldviews as polarizing as the contention of anthropogenic global warming, let alone non-polarizing worldviews?

It was my understanding that Bozzuto is in the business of real estate and housing, not lobbying and political activism.

I mean, if Bozzuto wants to use their real estate company to advance public policy and society-wide issues, why stop with Global Warming? Every single citizen who works for a paycheck faces legalized discrimination thanks to Democrat-forced EEOC laws. The analytical basis for that, "unequal" pay for women is entirely based on lies of the Democrat party from which they took statistics of the Census, aggregated by the BLS, which only count pay for wages earned, entirely ignoring contract labor which many well paid laborers enjoy.

Those same statistics prove that Asian-Americans are paid 25% higher wages than whites, for the same reason that the Kerry and Obama campaigns could get away with silver-tongued half-truths about "equal pay" for women – because the source of the data does not account for the actual job being performed despite their assertions. More Asians are doctors, engineers, and lawyers than whites, just as more men are pursuant of high paying wage jobs than women, easily explaining the pay gap.

As it stands, men are being legally discriminated against based on a lie, with analytical evidence to prove it, and women/minority owned businesses are being afforded non-compete contracts to gain advantages that they themselves have not earned. This injustice impacts all citizens – the ones who get something for nothing and the ones who foot the expense of the inequality of opportunity for the sake of equality of outcome.

Why does Bozzuto not put their weight behind this analytically observable issue too, which impacts all US citizens?

In summary, why is it that Bozzuto would use their brand to back any public policy? I am of course in business myself and would never put the weight of my company behind any "global", "national", or "statewide" issues or worldviews which could ostracize any of my customers.

Of course, I respect your company’s freedom of speech. As your customer, I feel compelled to inform you that in terms of Quality of Service, watching your business back public policies or worldviews with which I take offense is a de-motivator to do business with Bozzuto.

I am an objective person, and so it is not something that would inspire me to sever ties, but I can tell you if I were currently in the process of moving and Bozzuto had a competitor with mostly equal products, their involvement in activism even regarding a policy with which I agree and support would make me choose the competitor.

I think most customers are like myself. Even the super bowl is no longer safe from activism and shoving worldviews down our throats. The least we can do is to ask that the community, homeowners associations, and real estate management companies who watch over our very homes, extricate themselves from the business of worldview propagation.

Respectfully yours,

PS – Can you also have your staff who authored this piece of propaganda to at least check their grammar prior to publishing materials? For how much we pay for this A-list property, it seems quite unprofessional and amateur to have grammatical errors on a public facing issuance.

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