London Telegraph: Scientists Prove Red Meat Can REDUCE Greenhouse Gas

“He found that grassland produced more nitrous oxide during the spring thaw when sheep or cattle have not been grazing. This is because the greenhouse gas, also known as laughing gas, is released by microbes in the soil. When the grass is long snow settles keeping the microbes warm and providing water, however when the grass is cut short by animals the ground freezes and the microbes die.”

The history of this “meat eating” issue in my life:

  1. Approached by liberal Democrat activists on campus as I ATE MY MEAL IN PEACE, evangelizing to me about their beliefs on “meat as murder”
  2. See #1 above, AGAIN, evangelizing about harm to the environment and “world wide apocalyptic death” because of the greenhouse effect from the meat that I eat
  3. Note #1 & #2 above involved no Jehovah’s Witnesses or other “evangelizing Christians”, just your typical, using-public-policy-as-religion-to-fill-in-the-emptiness evangelizing liberal Democrats
  4. Watch Al Gore and other enviro-nuts continue to fly in airplanes, drive light trucks and SUVs, and eat meat anyway, as they wag their fingers at society like corrupted preachers on a pulpit

All of this said, it’s unfortunate that truth, justice, and freedom do not prevail with the leftist and right wing tit-for-tat.  What do I say the truth is?

  1. We shouldn’t trust scientists who claim to have enough information to paint black-and-white pictures, unless they are physicists or engineers who have systems and concepts and laws that are mathematically and physically observable (geologists, biologists, and environmentalists are disproven massively on a yearly basis)
  2. We CERTAINLY shouldn’t make economic and political policies that impact the lives of everyone based on such Democrat enviro-fanaticism
  3. We should embrace efforts for renewable energy that are driven by volunteerism, entrepreneurship, and freedom – not tax and imposition
  4. We should agree with environmentalists that we want to conserve natural resources and use them more wisely, but that we will not sacrifice the dignity of our humanity in doing so
  5. That said, there is no dignity in overconsumption, envy, greed, pride, drugs, partying, alcohol, and all the other socially liberal binge-and-purge traditions that are horrible for the environment – we need to hold accountable preaching environmentalists who wear makeup, turn on their AC or heat in their car all the time, drive SUVs and light trucks, fly in airplanes for vacation and visiting and luxury trips (only allow excuses for business travel), eat meat, drink alcohol, drink bottled water, do drugs, and live in more than 700 sq ft per person living spaces.  We need to point out their hypocrisies at every turn to show them the origin of their fanaticism, which is more emotional and psychologically defective than it is intellectual and genuine.
  6. We shouldn’t ignore studies showing that overconsumption of meat is horrible for your health.  But we should be free to make the choice of health or death for ourselves.  We should not be in generalized insurance pools with health insurance for everyone.  People need to be charged for their risk factor and how much they consume from the insurance pool.  If we don’t allow consequence, then we have no freedom.  The inevitable final resting place of insuring everyone from everything is communism, because without consequence, there is no freedom, and when the consequence is absorbed by “the commune” for the “communal good” then we are not free, because the burdens of everyone else’s poor decisions are dispersed amongst the backs their neighbors.  Communism is slavery.  Now that the Democrats have imposed communist healthcare on the entire Country, this is why you see the need for ObamaCare pages 1184 – 1190.  You have to be able to control people once you’ve taken responsibility for the consequences of all their actions.  This. Is. Communism.
  7. Environmentalists should try to co-opt Fridays, not Mondays for “meatless Monday”.  If Environmentalists were less ideological, they should try to cooperate with Christians and encourage the “meatless FRIDAYS” that Christians have been practicing as a part of their culture for centuries.  Much more effective to find areas of agreement and try to cooperate.  But it seems like they enjoy conflict and contrarianism more than advancing their goals.

Just BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER!  And stop using science, government, and public policy as your place of worship!  Environmentalists have supplanted religion with their trade.  Then they have used public policy to force their ways on the world.  It needs to stop.  Act like a scientist, not like an evangelist.  Cases-in-point:

  1. San Francisco’s new Democrat Authoritarian edict – Meatless Mondays
  2. Harvard Hometown coercive taxes on “greenhouse gasses” and “Meatless Mondays”

But for a chiding of the right-wing opportunists, even if Nitrous Oxide is decreased by grazing, it’s just one more piece of a huge equation.  I’m sure the enviro-nut left wingers will ignore it because it doesn’t fit their narrative, but also, no right winger should seize on it like the woman does in my citation below.  There is credence in Environmentalism-done-right.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist today.  Both left and right wingers need to change their attitudes before we can make progress. 

Read the citation

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