My Confrontation with the Obama Campaign

For weeks leading up to the election of 2008, Obama volunteers were littering my door with propaganda.  I had collected a stack of 11 pieces by the time one of the believers actually caught me at home on a Sunday.  I had prepared for the confrontation.  It went something like this (totally paraphrased from memory):

“Good morning!  We would like you to vote for Obama in the upcoming election.  He is going to change America with hope and good solutions to the problems we face.  Can I ask you which party you are registered with and which candidate you currently support?”

“No and no.”

“Does that mean you don’t support either?  Are you an independent?”

“No, it means you can’t ask me.  You’re at my door, so you have my address.  From that you can get my name.  Do you even know that you are compiling the socialist blacklist for the Democrat National Convention?  You want them to be able to combine knowledge of political allegiance with names and addresses?  Do you even understand what they’re doing with the information you are collecting for them?”

“Ummm…I don’t think they’re doing that.”

“Why, because you have ‘hope’ for ‘change’?  Did you ever stop and ask yourself when they ordered you into this slave volunteer labor, ‘why do you want this information’?  So tell me, why do you think they are collecting this information about people?”

“Ummm…I didn’t think about it.”

“Right.  And let me ask you, how much are they paying you?”

“I’m a volunteer because I believe in Obama.”

“Did you ever stop and ask yourself, ‘why would a political organization request volunteers when they have literally a billion dollars in their possession?’  At my last count, the Democrats have raised over a billion dollars where republicans have almost half of that money.  Yet here you are.  Working for free.  Why is that?  Do you understand how much $1 billion really is?”

“I think they use that money for other things.”

“Right, like putting it into luxury traveling, accommodations for themselves, lush parties for their friends, buyouts, suppressing media, cleaning up scandals, propagandizing, and making all the companies that do these things rich.  They get away with slave labor like you because they use your emotions against you to get you to do what they want you to do.”

“Well Obama is different.”

“Is he?  Really?  He’s got twice as much money than the Republicans, yet he still calls on volunteer slave labor.  He’s not a self-made man.  He’s a spoiled brat who grew up in some of the most coveted real estate in the world – Hawaii.  He went to one of the most expensive private schools when he was a boy, and went to one of the most expensive colleges as a young adult.  He used connections in Chicago to prop himself up, has never worked a blue-collar job to pay his own way in life, has never invented anything to help mankind, has never produced anything to help mankind, has never run a business or paid for people’s livelihoods, and has simply run his mouth for a living.  Somehow, by pursuing these rhetorical endeavors, he has amassed a fortune beyond your wildest dreams and has lived like a king.  So you tell me, how is Obama different than most politicians?”

“Well, I didn’t know all that stuff.”

“Look, I’m an independent and I even read excerpts of his biography and have seen videos about Obama in his own words.  The information isn’t hard to find.  You should know more than me about Obama if you choose to do his slave labor for him.”

“Well…so, can you at least help me out, I have to write something down for you.  Are you currently leaning towards McCain or Obama as an independent?”

“You want to know what you can write down?  Put me down for this option: I am leaning towards the candidate who pays every single worker that lifts a finger for them, in order to get them power and prestige.”

“Well I think McCain has volunteers too.”

“Exactly.  Good day….”

The Obamite turns around to go to the next door, decisively mind-f$#ked.  I was so into it, I almost forgot the flyers.

“Hey, sorry I almost forgot.  You guys left all this litter at my place of residence.  Please take it back.  I kept it in good condition so that you can reuse it in a public place where you’re not harassing people.  Good luck to your leader.”

I held out the 11 pieces of propaganda.

“I can’t take those, and you’re a jerk anyway.  You made me feel horrible.”

“I’M the jerk?  You’re the one doing slave labor on a nice Sunday for a billionaire organization.  Who’s the jerk?  The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow.  You’ll thank me someday.  In the meantime, I’m going to throw these down at your feet if you don’t take them, and then file a complaint that Obama’s campaign is littering in our community, since that is what you do every time you violate the privacy of my doorstep with your propaganda.  These belong to your group and were left on my property without solicitation, I demand that you reclaim them in a peaceful manner.”

He took them from my hand.

“Again, good luck to your leader.”

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