How to Murder Infidels with your Own Poop, Obama’s Communist Family, and French Communist Radicals Praised by Michael Moore

Psyche!  Well not really, this is a teaser.

We have in our possession the following declassified documents acquired from underground internet sources (it’s all above board and legitimate, just really really rare and hard to find):

  1. One of Al Qaeda’s official training manuals which outlines intel, counterintel, insurgency tactics, and how to make poisons out of household items among other things.  Why we think this is important for every American to read is because if we all had the raw data in our heads, the current Democrat party could not lie to us and manipulate us so badly.  One read of this manual, and you understand how wrong Democrats are, including Pelosi, Obama, Holder, and the rest: the war on terror cannot be dealt with like terrorists are common criminals. 

    They cannot even be handled with RICO laws that are used for organized crime and mafia.  They cannot be handled with national or international martial law because they are not uniformed soldiers and answer to no authority.  What is left?  What is a modern terrorist?  You will read this manual and discover – the closest equivalent we have to these guys are special forces soldiers mixed with spies.  Last I checked, our policy on our spies and special forces is: get caught or fail and you die and we disown you (most of the time), never admit to anything, expect no protection or rule of law.  There is a reason why we do that to our own. 

    If we want to effectively handle enemy spy-soldiers, and do it with the rule of law, we need new laws.  That’s what Bush tried to do with the Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay.  When you understand the truth, you will understand how destructive Obama and Holder’s vision for “change” is, and their propaganda that tries to convince you that these terrorists are just common criminals to be dealt with in American court rooms like common criminals.  A place where all of the intel can be conveniently uncovered in the legal discovery process and remitted to our enemies, not to mention bankrupt our legal and protective services.

    So far though, Obama can be applauded for lying to the American people about “doing something different” as he continues the same policies Bush had.  One difference – Obama says “kill every terrorist with a drone missile, there will be no more questioning and imprisonment in gitmo that can make me look bad.  Just kill them.”  Could be dangerous because dead men don’t talk.  And you need at least some to do the squawking to win and prevent future attacks.

  2. Over 600 pages of an FBI file on Frank Marshall Davis (Obama’s covered-up childhood advisor and ‘strong black male role model’), and suspicious legal correspondences speaking to a potential FBI cover-up of communist records about Obama’s grandfather “gramps” Dunham, who raised Obama in Hawaii.  There is also a summary of the hard data in the FBI files for Davis. 

    The thing reads like a Hollywood movie, full of disgusting pornographic sex, child molestation, soviet spy networks, communist allegiances of Obama’s “gramps” and communist MEMBERSHIP and OPERATIONS of Davis, Obama’s “advisor” and “strong black role model” in Hawaii.  Not that we needed even more evidence of Obama’s communist upbringing, it’s a well known and proven fact that his father was a committed communist and his mother left Obama for an Indonesian socialist cause. 

    But this picture is really shaping up and it definitely explains why Obama hired so many socialist-minded staffers for his White House, and why Obama continues to pursue policies that violate the foundations and traditions of what has made America the greatest Country in the world.

  3. The full text of “The Coming Insurrection” published by the very communists in France that cost French taxpayers millions of dollars after they vandalized subway trains and shut down stations on over 300 occasions.  Michael Moore gave great praise to this modern-day existentialist communist manifesto.  I have read it myself, and it is a chilling and frightening glimpse of incredibly destructive minds at work. 

    Even though the Tarnac 9 and the publication itself clearly aligns itself with communist ideas and sympathies and allegiances, the left media has tried to whitewash the story and associate this movement in the EU with “Anarchy”.  It is a great lie.  In their own words, if you read the raw data – they are communists.  Their radical agenda is part of the bigger strategy. 

    They wish to put ideas of revolution and insubordination in the mind of the general citizen as the EU socialist policies begin to unravel the economies and structure from the top down, they wish to inspire chaos and insurrection from the bottom up, piling on to the massive confusion and chaos that will ensue.  In this communist vice-grip, citizens then must lay blame somewhere. 

    The pages of “The Coming Insurrection” instruct us to lay blame on capitalism and business – and then replace it with local communes and socialist behaviors.  There is a publisher who publishes this work, but we have acquired it from the very authors and communist community that wrote it.  In respecting their ideology as free people totally opposed, but honoring free speech and property rights – we offer it free of charge, with no compensation, as the socialists want it to be that way.

  4. Joe Stack’s Full Suicide Note and Democrat Party Registration, disproving liberal news liars: MSNBC, CNN, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times, and NBC to name a few.  They lied to their audiences, insinuating that Stack’s airplane attack on the IRS was inspired by conservatives and the Tea Party. 

    They got away with this deception by using Michael Moore techniques of cherry picking a few lines out of context of the entire suicide note.  If you read his entire note, the raw data, you’ll see a socially liberal mind at work who hated authority – the kind of “free spirit adventurer” that Barrack Obama praises in his 1995 book “Dreams From My Father”.  Oh and apparently Joe Stack felt more in tune with liberal ideas, if that’s not good enough for you.  He was a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT!!!!  You won’t read that on any of those non-news networks though.

  5. Surprise documents regarding China’s “Assassin’s Mace”: economic, cyber, and conventional weapons which could begin and end WW3 in a time span of less than 2 years, as early as sometime this decade or as late as sometime in the 2030s.

Why can’t we give these files to you now?  Because we need to ensure the documents are entirely safe for dissemination.  In the coming months, we will be releasing them right here.

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