Woman Butcher “Doctors” Her Treatments for Patients – Patient’s Bill of Rights?

“A federal judge on Friday sentenced Gayle Rothenberg to nearly six months in prison. She also must pay more than $98,000 in restitution and cannot seek reinstatement of her medical license.”

Who’s ready for a Patient’s Bill of Rights?  Anybody?  No?  Oh, right, that was entirely absent the ObamaCare bill that Democrats shoved down our throats.

One of the key items in a patient’s bill of rights is a concept taken from law enforcement.  Ask any detective or criminal attorney what is the single most important thing that they can do to reduce legal and protective services costs?  Video.  In fact, this is why there are pilots to install small video cameras on the guns of cops.  Video never lies.  It puts the muzzle on lying opportunists who expand legal costs exponentially.

In our Patient’s Bill of Rights, every single patient would have the legal right to record via audio, or video, any doctor’s consultation or surgical procedure that they have paid for.  They can use the audio/video for personal use, or in a court to prove malpractice.

Just as in law enforcement – the videos do not lie.  If an evil woman like Gayle Rothenberg does her evil – boom.  It’s proved.  No weasel attorneys running up the costs.  Instant justice.  And on the flipside – if an unscrupulous patient wants to make a false accusation, the Doctor has the same right to record and can prove the patient wrong.  Instant frivolous lawsuit reduction.

Just one more solid solution to medical costs, controlling legal fees and malpractice insurance, that you’ll never see.  And even more important – bringing justice to doctors who operate with impunity like evil and greedy mechanics of your body.

Thanks for failing the American people again with your idiotic healthcare debacle, Democrats.

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