Iranian High Government Authority: “Natural Disasters are Caused by Promiscuous Women”

Oh Ayatollah Sedighi, tell me how that Muslim hypocrisy is working out for you.  Do you enjoy your entourage of 3 wives that you sodomize and engage in promiscuous and orgiastic behavior with as they dress promiscuously in the confines of your personal mansion?  Tell us more about morals, dirty hypocrite pig. 

Maybe you can send a few more Muslims into Western culture like Bin Laden – let them choose to experience disgusting vices and then blame the freedom of the West for their transgressions, and then let it transform into murderous scape-goating, racism, religious zealotry, and other insanities.  Then see how they join the Democrat party of victimology.

Don’t expect to see ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, or the Washington Post report about this.  Don’t expect the Democrat comedy monopoly to make fun of this.  Don’t expect Democrats to talk about it at all.  They only spew their verbal excrement all over Christians and those who disagree with left wing policy like the Tea Party.

In the West, we have a few unsavory leaders who say things like this (without the bigotry, but tying proclaimed immoral behavior to natural disaster).  And they’re not heads of state.  Big difference.  And when they do it, the left wing media seizes on it immediately.

But the Democrats need to keep playing the game of victim and identity politics, so they will never speak with intellectual integrity about Muslims.  Protected status is secured.  Keep the votes in their pocket.

Oh do we live in fun times or what?

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