Muslims throw shoes = cultural; Non-Muslims throw pig heads = racist

The author of this post presumes that the left wing British majority sentiment comprehends blind justice, which they do not:

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As an advocate of creativity and real innovation, I say that you introduce charities to the Islamic protestors, and the local butchers to the pig-head throwers. 

Any Muslim throwing a shoe instantly forfeits the right to reclaim the property unless the person they struck does willingly give it back.  Charitable non-profits gain the rights of resale for charity of the Muslim’s thrown shoes, for anti-Radical Islamic and Holocaust survivor causes only.

Or wait, here is a secondary solution to vote on.  Every thrown shoe is collected for a museum exhibit.  After 5 years, the shoes are all artistically displayed by the truckloads, and signs like “Each shoe herein was thrown in violence, and did strike peaceful citizens in violence and harm, furthering the brand of Islam as ‘the religion of peace’ (please note the misinterpretation of Arabic word for submission as the incorrectly translated word ‘peace’)”.

The butchers can resell the pigs heads to customers and give a portion of the proceeds to Islamic charities.

But wait, that might not be too sanitary.  As if any of this is serious though, good laughs good laughs. 

In truth, we need to stop playing along with the silly guilt-games and identity politics of the left and demand blind justice in all cases.

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