DARPA Does it Again – Secret Space-Age Next-Gen Aircraft Exposed – Democrats Already Revising History

“Somewhere above earth is America’s latest spaceship, a 30-foot craft called the X-37B so classified that the Pentagon will not divulge its mission nor how much it cost to build. But the real classified project is even more secret. ”

Let’s cut the bullshit.  Now that the cat is out of the bag, the enemy already knows what this is all about.  It’s too bad that Democrats don’t:

“This would bring accusations [by Democrats] that the launch of X-37B, and a second vehicle planned for later this year, could lead to the militarization of space.”

Revisionist history from the start.  I love it.

As always, attention to detail is critical because premonitions lie in nuance.  The fictitious narrative of Democrats involves a “mean”, “militaristic”, “hateful” USA with a “shameful” history.  They think we should be ashamed of ourselves, our history, and our lives, so that the bloody liberal morons of today can more effectively “transform” the Country into their own liking.

A key component in this narrative is to constantly brainwash the public with analogues that make Americans hate our history and hate the military. 

I was one of the few who saw the movie Avatar and understood the absolute propaganda operation right there, immediately in the theater.  I forced my friends to stay in the theater until the end of the credits so that I could confirm that the AFL-CIO was behind the movie, the largest covert communist worldwide organization, one that has made spectacular gains for worldwide socialism using unions and lobbyists in major governments throughout the world.  I guessed it, and when the credits rolled, I was sadly proven right.

Of course it wasn’t long until Avatar’s mastermind James Cameron was doing interviews and proclaiming tenets of socialism and anti-military hippie garbage disguised as love and concern.  “I told you so” doesn’t even begin to compensate me for the amount of ridicule I’ve sustained by people who are ignorant of the history of warfare, the cold war, communism, and the modern ongoing war (economic, intelligence, military, social, and cultural) in which the middle east is just a sideshow.

So let’s not allow the Democrats to yet again revise history from the very start.

Look up keywords (maybe in separate searches): China missiles blow up satellites Iran Russia Assassin’s Mace

What will you find?

The truth.  It is impossible for the USA to militarize space.  China and Russia have already done that.  The USA can only defend at this point.  Which is exactly what we’re doing. 

This action by the USA is a response to the already-executed militarization of space at the hands of the Chinese.  The Chinese also sold their mobile missile unit that blew up satellites to Iran.  The Chinese test left a stream of shrapnel in near-earth-orbit, threatening civilian satellites and future space missions.  The Russians provided the assist. 

Also in collaboration are cyber-war weapons in the Assassin’s Mace flavor.  The Chinese and Russians have also militarized space with software engineers.  Simply take over the satellites and tell them to provide misinformation, use them for yourself, or just set them on a course of chain-linked destruction.

I am very glad to learn that our genius engineers have a superior and amazing answer to the aggression of China, Russia, Iran, and the world-wide communist network.  Once again, up yours assholes.  And shame on you Democrats.  You should just move to China and Russia and get your socialist transformation over with immediately.  Of course, you do enjoy contrarianism.  And what is better than hanging around the free world and spreading deceptions with half-truths?  Let’s hope you never have to militarize anything because we’ll have a pile of self-loathing, dead flagellants .

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