Gun-Cams And Integrity of Ascending Intellect

Two loosely related stories:

  1. Why do we do this blog?  A number of authors on Ascending Intellect have been active volunteers for decades.  While others are sitting on their butts and playing games, watching TV, enjoying their friends, families, churches, and communities, we are researching, analyzing, discussing, thinking, and authoring. 

    Why the personal sacrifice? 

    To make a difference.  Because we believe that the smartest journalists are the ones who don’t have journalism degrees.  We believe that the most honest journalists are the ones who do it for passion and not for paycheck.  Unfettered by corporate and political bondage, we operate in total freedom. 

    There is a price for honesty and truth though.  The truth can be uncomfortable.  When silly humans get shaken up intellectually, most respond with monkey-like aggression. 

    The more clever monkeys make up lies about thing that happened to them or use prevailing sentiments, fears, and taboos of the general public to shame or guilt the world into thinking like they do (recently, Democrat race-baiters claiming that everyone who disagrees with them are racists fit this bill).  The less clever monkeys use satire, half-truths, and propaganda to stifle debate (of course, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, Steven Colbert, and Comedy Central in general fit this bill). 

    Verbal and psychological aggression is not good enough for the least clever monkeys.  They resort to violence.  A number of authors for Ascending Intellect have received death threats.  A handful have been physically assaulted for exercising their free speech.  This violence was executed by the hands of the supposedly “peaceful” Democrats.

    Anonymity keeps the unproductive hostilities at bay.  No one here uses this vehicle of speech and discovery to service their egos, wallets, enterprises, corporations, political parties, families, or religions.  Some may incorrectly associate anonymity with cowardice.  This is false.  Those authors who have been assaulted before are braver than the vast majority of hypocrite critics.  When your mission is to simply stimulate rewarding thought, knowledge, and awareness – anonymity maximizes mission effectiveness by reducing risk and wasted time.

    The point of Ascending Intellect is not like other blogs where they get paid for page views by advertisers.  So we turned off comments.  We would rather spend our charitable and volunteer free time discussing amongst ourselves, and putting out meaningful material than answering a number of thoughtless comments that are rampant on YouTube.  We seek debate and other ideas elsewhere from respectable opponents in other forums.  We use that to strengthen our understanding and bring it back here.

  2. Understanding our methodology, realize that we don’t have time to make citations for every little fact we present.  Our authors are polymaths.  They have tons of information tucked away in their brains.  So they speak it freely.  If you ever have a question about some point, just look it up.  Tonight I was questioned about a supporting fact in the article: “Woman Butcher “Doctors” Her Treatments for Patients – Patient’s Bill of Rights?”.  Actually there were two questions.  One was “there was no link, where is the story?”  Well, the author must have forgotten it.  But just use your browser to search.  The name of the woman was published.  Just search for her name and you’ll find the source.  The other one was regarding the gun-cams for cops.  If you search for “gun-cams cops” you’ll get thousands of articles about the supporting fact used, such as:

    ”A bill making its way through the Washington, DC city council would require police officers to have cameras mounted on their weapons, which would begin recording once the weapons were drawn.”

    Many times, the AP doesn’t source stories nearly as well.  The integrity of Ascending Intellect is superior because of the integrity of the brains behind it.  It is the people that make it virtuous.  But most of all, it is a springboard.  If you have doubt or questions, we’ve done our jobs. 

    Let your questions inspire you to move your fingers to research further.  We will grow out of this hole together with new zealous attitudes!

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