Homeowners and Prospective Buyers Beware, Despite Left-Wing Deceptions of Grandeur, Obama has Made the Economy Worse

If you want to know a big reason why I am still above water when the entire world around me was saying “you should just buy a house, you’re an idiot to rent, you’re throwing your money out the window!”

And I replied “You are the idiots.  You will see in less than a few years.  Those of you who bought your home after 2004 will wish you never had.  You will be robbed blind in ways you can’t even imagine, and you will be a slave to that haste for the rest of your lives.”

As it turns out, I didn’t anticipate the Democrats would take over congress in 2007 and throw the economy into a tailspin of corporate welfare with Trillions of dollars of borrowed slave labor from their children in inflation and foreign debt.  I didn’t expect Bush to allow the Democrat congress to hold him hostage over the war to sign the bailouts into law.  I didn’t expect Obama would make things even worse.

While the Democrats have robbed me blind with these bailouts they made since 2007, to continue the artificial inflation of home values because their government property tax revenues depend on the fake values, the housing market is worse than it has ever been.  This is why:


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