Arizona Immigration Reform Hysteria: How about the truth? RAW DATA: Download the bill

Here at RAAI we always recommend you consult the original reference, so we have provided the original bill.  Download it, read it.  But do so with correct context.  The language that Democrats have seized upon to perpetuate their race-baiting fear mongering is on the first page. 

There is a phrase on the first page, “lawful contact”.  Understand that in legal terms, “lawful contact” between any authority of the state (including police) and a citizen must respect privacy and search and seizure laws.  If an authority (including police) initiates contact that is unlawful (such as contact motivated by race, gender, or angry-butch-woman-police-officer-hates-young-buff-men-with-sports-cars <- this happened to me), then the suspect becomes a victim and can sue the crap out of the police.  This would be what Obama refers to as “civil rights” implications.  The actual infraction is invasion of privacy, and “unlawful contact” by an authority.  Based on the language of the bill, racial profiling is expressly prohibited, and lawful contact is mandated.

This is why Jan Brewer issued an executive order to train the police to avoid racial profiling while expertly enforcing the law. 

I don’t know what the big deal is to be honest.  Obama talks about fairness.  It’s not fair to be left with a hospital bill for thousands of dollars when the illegal alien parasite in the next room is sucking up the money and services without paying a dime, and forcing the hospital to charge you even more to cover the losses.  It’s not fair to be in accidents with illegal aliens that the cops let go because they don’t want to deal with them, and you foot the bill with your insurance company.  It’s not fair to have illegal aliens drive down wages while workers get screwed, owners get rich, and consumers get ripped off. 

I’ve got to say that if I were brown and in Arizona right now, I would be rubbing my hands together, just waiting for the first cop to make unlawful contact with me.  I’d even install a video monitor in my car.  First bigoted cop that does me wrong – I cash in. 

As for all the illegal alien parasites costing the country $70 billion net loss every year in services, this law is amazing because it finally will bring justice and give the cops the ability to enforce immigration laws.

Democrat race-baiting lies exposed once again.  The deception requires the general populace’s ignorance of basic legalese.  And also a short attention span that enjoys a 30 second joke from Jon Stewart more than the truth.  Here is the bill.  Go on Democrats, prove the truth wrong:

Arizona Immigration Reform Bill (sb1070s)

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