Obama Cohorts Stifle Criticism, Invade Privacy; Anti-Patriot Act Democrats are Silent

Republished without the “F-bomb” thanks to an RAAI network-wide overriding of my original post :-(.  Although I only used the f-bomb because it was part of the evidence, I accept the results of democracy.

There are internet domain names that criticize Obama in the name of the domain which are being bought up by Obama’s funded apparatus of power.  To test it, just get creative and type in a bunch of swear words and negative words combined with obama into your internet address bar.  For many you will get redirected to pro-obama websites, or the results that come up in your search engine will be pro-obama results.

It’s a bigger strategy since domain names are the #1 factor for rising in the ranks of internet search engines.  So if you buy up many domains that have negative critiques of Obama baked right into the domain name, you instantaneously push the indexing of anti-Obama websites to the bottom of the results.  Only grassroots success and traffic could bump you up then.

So much for free speech and dissent.  They’re usurping and co-opting things as basic as internet domain names.  Obama’s support for socialist internet (IE net neutrality), and his communist-hailing Mark Lloyd of the FCC should not surprise anyone.

Nor should Obama’s collaboration with Facebook and twitter, and opening up of the DoD to social networking sites.

Where are all the hypocrite Patriot Act opponents now?  They didn’t like suspected terrorists getting wiretapped.  Now their own personal information is being whored around major corporations and to the federal government indexing services at the library of congress, and all these hypocrite Democrats are silent?  Weren’t they worried about invasion of suspected terrorist privacy?  Are they worried now about their own private information being permanently etched in corporate and government stone by Democrat leaders and socialist-leaning corporations? 


They weren’t using their brains then, and they’re not using their brains now.  It’s their substitute for faith and religion.  They demand more rights for suspected mass murdering terrorists than they demand for themselves and their families.  And we ask ourselves, how pervasive is the insurgent anti-patriotic, anti-American enemy within?  Amongst ourselves?  Wielding power in the very halls of governance?

Socialists everywhere are thanking Democrats.  They are motivated now more than ever because their people have great power.  Anyone want to do what Obama will not and explain Mark Lloyd’s disgusting speeches and un-American policies of redistribution of wealth and power to state-controlled media?

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