Update on Alien-Age USA Secret Space Weaponry (X-37B & CPGS Falcon)

We’ve got a few real brains here at RAAI that do work to save lives and keep you (or more likely your kiddies) safe from a dangerous and hostile world.  I’m not like those guys.  But I reckon that because they are so busy I should report a private conversation, about a slew of reporting on the X-37B & CPGS Falcon.  It’s all legit and only stuff you can read online in the public media – these guys would rather die than weaken the defense of the USA.  They’re not squawking.

Previously, we put out a piece on bogus claims that the USA is “militarizing space”.  Look up flagellants.  Same concept, no Christianity.  Rampant on college campuses.

The point was that China, Russia, Iran have already chosen to militarize space.  Anything that the USA does after 1996 when Bill Clinton gave away our smart missile tech to the Chinese, is a measure of defense in response to the communists militarizing space.  From the time they started infiltrating the DoD and trying to get that smart missile technologies, they had two goals that only took 8 years to achieve after the sale by Bill Clinton: a supersonic missile that can destroy aircraft carriers (our roaming fortress-islands, otherwise impenetrable), and space missiles that can take out our satellite constellations. 

This is why the news on USA Alien-Age tech is so huge it is mind boggling.  Search for the CPGS, Falcon, and X-37B and educate yourself.  Here is the context:

If we have CPGS Falcon and X-37B – this is the answer to Chinese silkworms and other enemy supersonic missiles that can render our carriers useless, and totally allow them to remove our air and sea platform in the pacific, giving them total power over Eurasia (look up Assassin’s Mace for the way that WW3 will go down).

Even if they take out our satellites, presumably X-37B can rapidly deploy new ones, and CPGS Falcon can strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour from US soil (at hypersonic speeds, over 16x the speed of sound).

That is immense.  The costs and logistics of maintaining far away bases, carriers, and other incredibly unsustainable defense infrastructure is vastly reduced.  Combined with our munitions CPGS is a force that they will not want to challenge.

I thought this would bore people, but I was told it’s a critical piece: “formless” “omnipresence” a very desirable military strategic tenet.  The strike should occur when you don’t expect it, from a platform that is instantaneous, unseen, unknown, and “formless”.  On the flipside, you want to force the enemy to form, show themselves, and amass so that you can have a bigger target.  When they amass, you can plan, calculate, and predict movements.

A massive strike from US soil, anywhere in the world in less than 1 hour, that is so fast, nothing can intercept it and much damage is done by the raw kinetic energy alone…this is alien-age US power, reaching the epitome of “formless omnipresence”.

So the reports go: the Falcon failed its test.  Did it?  Does it exist at all?  Is this a bluff like Reagan’s star wars?  I know one thing – we don’t want to know.  If it can be confirmed, then the enemies can plan.  If it can be denied, then the enemies can plan. 

The optimum intel scenario is exactly what we have today: 100% uncertainty as to the operational status or existence of this technology, but the credible notion that we MIGHT have it.  That’s the kind of thing that prevents war and aggression.  The inability to calculate a likely outcome of attacks and war instigation.  So long as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and the rest are in the dark – peace is secured.

Keep it up you noble American brainiacs.  Go DARPA go!!!

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