More Cold-Hard References on the Way & New RAAI YouTube Channel

We’ve completed the task of aggregating volumes of digital references from all of our archives.  As promised before, we would find them and purge them of traceable information, then offer them to the public.  In addition, we have aggregated thousands of video clips from decades past.  Want to know what we know?  It all starts with hard references.

We set up a YouTube Channel: In the coming months we will be using more of these cold-hard references and uploading videos to this channel. 

Each one of us keeps digital reference libraries because the authorities like to bury these references when they no longer fit their narratives.  Democrats Bill & Hilary Clinton and the 90s Republican congress are case in point.  They laid the defense infrastructure that failed us on 911.  Then liberal news outlets buried the facts including a speech by George Tenet on the floor of the house, in which he warned that they were decimating the CIA and begged them to redirect infrastructure towards terrorism.  The Clinton machine also blocked publication of “The Path to 911” which was a fact-heavy docudrama about key Clinton-government decisions in the 90s that led to 911.

Hard references are important.  People with power try to control them.  Our duty at Ascending Intellect is to now provide a hub where they can be disseminated.  Steal them, copy them, spread them, make your own copies, do what you will.  The more hands that the truth finds its way into, the more secure our freedoms.

Sic semper tyrannis

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