LEGAL Immigrants Speak Out on Glenn Beck TODAY!!! Catch the late episode on your DVR on Fox News.

I’m not even done with the episode yet, but the first testimony will bring tears to your eyes.

Vietnamese immigrant, Lan, comes over in 1975 on a barge headed to Japan.  Japan, oh xenophobic Japan, turns the barge away.  They float in the middle of the ocean, unsure what to do.

Cambodian navy bombs their boat, trying to murder all of these innocent people.  Let me add context, in 1975 we’re talking about Khmer Rouge and remnants in Cambodia – vile socialists guilty of some of the worst crimes against humanity you can fathom – up there with Nazis.  And why did the barge have to sneak out of Vietnam in 1975 at 3 AM?  Because the socialists that the Beetles and the hippies and the Democrats supported would have murdered Lan and her fellow refugees, which is why they were running away.  Which is also why the Khmer Rouge remnants were trying to murder them.  No one gets away from the socialists.

The noble US Navy saves Lan’s ship much to the chagrin of the vile Cambodian socialist sociopath regime.

Lan is alive and a legal immigrant today.  I can’t wait to hear more of these stories.

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