The 21st Century Enslavement Index – Discover your TRUE Tax Rate (Part 1)

What I will share with you will boggle your mind.  I have added up all of the countable taxes that the government imposes on various people.  We essentially have 5 classes of people – based on how much money they earn every year.  You can find yourself in the chart.  What is your Tax Slave Freedom Day?  What is your Tax Slave Freedom Hour?

The 5th class (upper class) is broken down 4 ways since it is so complicated how the government has taken advantage of these people and isolated them into marginal groups for control.  I didn’t choose this socioeconomic breakdown, the CBO did.



Now for my analysis, let’s assume: 

  1. Each worker lives 15 miles from their job, and gets an average of 22 miles per gallon from their car
  2. 2001 dollars (this is when the Congressional Budget Office provided the data I used)
  3. $3 of tolls per day to get to your job
  4. You need a phone, car, and house to keep your job.  Your car and house get slightly better, in proportion to your annual earnings.
  5. Each worker has an 8 hour work day that starts at 8 AM, with a 1 hour break from 12 to 1 PM, ending at 5 PM
  6. Gas tax is calculated only on gas needed to get to the job

Do you even know all of the money that the government is seizing just to allow YOU the amazing privilege of working?  Here it is, broken down by tax, and for each socioeconomic class of people (if you can’t see the full chart, click on the title of the article to view in full screen mode):


As you can see, something quite counterintuitive happens to the bracket that politicians, university administrators, and lawyers sit their fat rear ends in (90 – 94th percentile).  They actually pay less tax than the two brackets below them (60th – 89th percentile, or 3 out of 10 Americans, hard working, rising in success).  Control and power.

Other explanations:

  1. Tax Slave Freedom Day – This is the day that you walk into work, and are actually working for yourself.  Every day from January 1st until Tax Slave Freedom Day, you are a slave to the government, as you are actually working for them without a choice – every penny you earn with your own two hands up until Tax Slave Freedom Day is seized by the government and spent without your consent.
  2. Tax Slave Freedom Hour – This is the time of day that you actually start working for yourself, as an alternative view of “Tax Slave Freedom Day”.  You can view every single day of work as partial enslavement to the government.  When you walk into your job at 8 AM, you are forced to work for the government until your Tax Slave Freedom Hour.  Not working for yourself, but working for your employer, and then having that compensation for all those hours directly (or indirectly) seized by the government in turn.  So truly, you are working for the government for all that time of your day, without a choice.
  3. Monthly Difference from the Bracket Below – This is essentially the TRUE amount of money per month the particular group makes from the bracket below them, to supposedly afford slightly better houses, cars, lifestyles, etc.
  4. Government Seizure of Employer Potential Pay to Employee – This is the money that the government forces employers to pay on behalf of employees (which they could instead force the employer to allow the employee to take control of).  This gets into another very interesting and hidden topic – self-savings and management of personal risk, a much-ignored freedom seized from most workers by the nanny-state government.
  5. Sales tax is taken from whatever money is leftover after the rest of the taxes – because mostly anything you choose to do with that money is going to cost you sales tax – you are not free to spend all that money, because an average of 5% of it is going right to the government when you buy something.  Even for the few things that don’t – you’re still getting charged taxes for tariffs and other taxes that we can’t easily demonstrate, so we’ll call it even with sales tax on your leftover money after government seizure.

This is just the beginning.  Part 2 will boggle your mind, as I have solved a riddle that MSNBC only scratched the surface of a few  years back with their “assault on the middle class” series.  Tell your friends to find their Tax Slave Freedom Day on the chart.

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