21st Century Enslavement Index (Part 4) – What is a Slave? Revisited

I’m hijacking your thread Aristotle.  I claim the right to do this since we’ve all got our thoughts invested in this one.  Deal with it :-p

To summarize your Part 3, I have an idea.  Definitions:

  • Oppressor – a human being, groups of human beings, and governments
  • Victim/Slave – Individual human being controlled to some extent by the oppressor

Slavery is present when an oppressor uses their superior power (be it physical, economic, or psychological) to redistribute the labor or wealth of the slave to either themselves or other human beings.

Slavery inhibits the self-determination of the slaves by limiting their ability to reap the full rewards of their labors, as those rewards are seized either partially or fully and consumed by other people.

This is why socialism has failed and created such chaos in history and today.  Aristotle, your communist and socialist categories in Part 3 were very well said.  Not only does the socialist oppressor kneecap the slave, de-motivating them from maximum happiness and productivity – it also de-motivates the parasites who receive entitlements quite obviously.  If they’re getting stuff for “free” off of someone else’s labor, then they irrefutably have less incentive to strive on behalf of themselves.  I invoke Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles.

Not nitpicking you Aristotle, just cleaning up the conclusions.

Also wanted to show how Obama and the Democrat party are on a path towards turning themselves into the biggest slavemasters we’ve seen for a long time 🙂  I’m thinking with a continuance of the Democrat status quo, 2020 will be approaching the days of the great trustbuster/monopolies. <- you forgot that in your classification too…I know, I know, you couldn’t give ALL the examples of slavery.

Just remember, I’m not nitpicking.  No, seriously :-p

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