Communist China – Video of Mao Zedong – Friend of Obama Appointees

You must understand history to comprehend what is going on today.  History is more entertaining than fiction, especially the horrendous and atrocious history of communism and socialism.

In Communist China, the members of Ascending Intellect would be considered “Intelligencia”.  We would be summarily tortured, humiliated, and our families would be turned against us.  Then we would be murdered.  You can rest assured, that every single one of us would have put a knife in every psychopathic oppressor who laid hands on us, even if it meant death, we would resist and not let them oppress us alive. 

“They attacked experts. If you have the right political views, you don’t need to know much to be a good part of the collective.”

Doesn’t this remind you of Democrats in the 60s telling their followers to “tune in and drop out.”  Or even today – liberal educators insisting on “emotional learning” and not citing classic and original reference materials?  There is an entire “academic” book that claims the forefathers of the USA were not Christian.  It does not have a single reference to original documentation.  Liberal educators force you to accept their premises based on the “credentials” of the authors alone.

Does it remind you of a liberal society where comedian leftists on Comedy Central shape public opinion with half-truths and hyperbole from 30 second news headlines?  Leftists still encourage half-baked knowledge and discourage rigorous, rigid, and expert analysis.

“In China, women were taught that we are grass that should be stepped on.”

“Mao contracts an STD, but women were proud to be infected by him as evidence of their sexual acts with him.”

“I will strap a grenade on my body and die for worldwide communism/revolution.  I will die for Mao.” <- does this “Atheist” doctrine sound like religious violence of Radical Islam today?

Tell me how the Atheist “Struggle Sessions” are any better than Puritan public humiliation for sin in the stockyards?  They look a little bit worse to me, actually.

“Mao was our universe, our god.  I was taught to write ‘chairman mao’ before my own name.”

“Mao tells the people to attack their own family members, and then to attack their schools and teachers.  Instead of studying, they did ‘revolutionary tasks’.”

“The CIA trains Tibetan guerrillas for operations against Mao in tibet” <- Mao murders religious people, CIA co-opts the obvious opposition.  Very excellent!

“Mao inspired the torture of land owners and intellectuals and beating up children’s own parents.”

Numerous Obama appointees have praised Mao Zedong as their “favorite” and such.  When Fox News caught them red-handed <- (punny isn’t it?) the offenders tried to explain their comments, then proceeded to bash Fox News for catching them.  Anita Dunn was the most infamous. 

When you understand the history, then you will see how there is NO WAY for such comments to be “misrepresented”.  Either Obama’s appointees are incredibly stupid and ignorant (which they are not, with their educations), or they truly are communist-sympathizing socialists. 

Even worse, they try to co-opt and corrupt Christian dogma for an extra veil of lies and cover, and half-witted votes.  Keyword: social justice.  But this is not correctly defined “social justice” as defined in TRUE Christian dogma.  It is a bunch of socialists trying to co-opt Christianity to gain more power and influence.

A good lesson from this video is also how atheism and agnosticism can lead to the worst atrocities mankind has ever seen.  Frequently half-educated people think identifiable religion is the biggest murderer in history.  Mao Zedong, Stalin, and Pol Pot will show you: authoritarian government with non-religious worldviews and “clever” ideologies make religious murderers look like amateurs.

Another interesting lesson from Mao Zedong is how socialism is inherently flawed and will never do anything but bring pain, suffering, and empty promises to civilization.  Notice how Zedong approaches Khrushchev for partnership, requesting nuclear weapons.  Khrushchev will not let China be an EQUAL partner, and so they do not maximize their relations. 

The supposed goal of communism is worldwide dominance and unified world government.  You see that all communist and socialist countries have an elite ruling class, the oligarchy.  You see that these oligarchies will never share power equally because they are sinful, greedy, envious, lustful, prideful, and slothful human beings.  But human beings also need governance.  So in communism you will never do away with the ruling class, the oligarchy.  And the oligarchies will always fight each other for dominance.

There is no place for fairness, merit, and equal opportunity in socialism.  If you choose “equality of outcome” you cannot have “equality of opportunity”

Enjoy the show, information-seekers!  After Part 1, proceed to parts 2 – 5:

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